Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Obama: Mass Shootings Just Don’t Happen Outside The United States

by JASmius

Earlier this morning I speculated that maybe Barack Obama has finally gone off the deep end, gone 'round the bend, lost his marbles, popped his cookies, blew mental chunks - you get the point - and that that explained his declaration today in Paris at Greenapalooza that destroying the global economy with crippling carbon nonsense was "vital to national and economic security".  It's an absolutely looney-tunes, Bizarro World thing to say.  So why would he say something that batbleep crazy?

Believe it or not, Richard Cohen has an at least somewhat viable counter-theory in the WaPo today:

The presidency has changed Barack Obama. His hair has gone gray, which is to be expected, and he looks older, which is also to be expected, but his eloquence has been replaced by petulance and he has lost the power to persuade, which is something of a surprise.

Not really, Dickie.  O's purported "eloquence" was just as overhyped as every other aspect of his phony persona.

You can speculate that if the Obama of today and not Winston Churchill had led Britain in World War II, the Old Vic Theatre Company would now be doing “Hamlet” in German....

No, Dickie - Arabic.

Obama is confined by the prospect of another Iraq. He defends his policy of minimalism with an off-putting petulance: “If folks want to pop off and have opinions . . . .” He talked of seeing at Walter Reed Hospital “a twenty-five-year-old kid who’s paralyzed or has lost some limbs . . . and so I can’t afford to play some of the political games that others may.”

When, of course, he's the one who is constantly "playing political games".

Yes, some of the Republican presidential candidates are playing games, but Obama’s critics in think tanks and elsewhere are deadly serious. Besides, life presents mean choices. Limbs were lost in Paris, too.

To a large degree, Obama became president on the strength of his eloquence. To a large degree, that is what has deserted him. He is out of words because he is out of ideas. Consequently, he ought to listen to others. They’re not the ones who are popping off. He is. [emphasis added]

Naturally, Cohen doesn't get it all right.  Obama never had any "eloquence" to lose in the first place.  Voters thought he was eloquent because varmints like Cohen told them he was, and they told them he was because he's (half-)black, and voters were too afraid of being denounced as "racists" to call them on it and vote the other way as they should have.  It's as simple as that.

And no, The One is not "out of ideas"; that implies that he's had a steady outflow of them up to now.  He's always had the same ideas, and just as with every liberal/left/socialist/commie bastard that came and failed before him, they still do not work.  If you want to attribute "eloquence" to the man, it's in the sense that he molded and shaped the overhype to snow a small majority of American voters into believing that this time, under his "leadership," leftwingnuttery would work.  But it didn't, it hasn't, it isn't, and it never will.  Consequently, he doesn't fool anybody anymore, and Americans have stopped listening to him.  Tuned him out a long time ago, as a matter of fact (though sadly, not before November 6th, 2012).  So since nobody outside his leftwing extremist existential bubble pays any attention to him anymore anyway, and he's got no more elections to "get past," he just "stays off-prompter," as it were.  It's not like he has anything to lose by doing so.

Consider all of the above the context for the headline above.

Bugs Bunny said it best:

And to think: That's what sixty-two million Americans considered to be "eloquence".

To quote Parisians, one and all, "Vas te faire encule , Barry, et le vélo vous monté dans le."

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