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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Obama Sees Poll Calling Him A Disaster On Terrorism, Rushes Out To Reinforce That Sentiment

by JASmius

Total collapse:

Approval of the way Barack Obama is handling the threat of terrorism also has declined, even as his overall job rating (currently 46%) – and his ratings on immigration, the economy and other issues – is little changed. Just 37% approve of the way Obama is handling terrorism while 57% disapprove, the lowest rating of his presidency for this issue.

Terrorism has reshaped the public’s agenda, both at home and abroad. Currently, 29% cite terrorism (18%), national security (8%) or ISIS (7%) as the most important problem facing the country today. One year ago, just 4% of the public cited any of these issues. And while ISIS already ranked high among leading international dangers, 83% now regard ISIS as a major threat to the well-being of the U.S., up from 67% in August 2014.

What else could the results have been?  He's done everything in his power (and well outside of it) to appease and aid and abet the Global Jihad.  He won't use the words "Islamic jihad" or "Islam terrorism".  He insists that the Islamic State "isn't Islamic," continues to extol the virtues of Islamic Fundamentalism to ludicrously mythical proportions while continuing to trash Christianity and Judaism and sell Israel down the Iranian river.  He tried to pass off his phony "war" against ISIS as being genuine, and that cat is now out of the bag.  He pronounced ISIS "contained" the day before Islamic State operatives attacked Paris, slaughtering 130 French "infidels" and wounding and maiming hundreds more.  That process repeated itself a week later in the San Bernardino shootings.  The pattern, the truth, is beyond any reasonable doubt: Barack Obama is pro-jihadist, doing nothing to stop, slow down, or even rhetorically oppose Muslim terrorism, could care less about keeping Americans safe, and is only interested in covering his own ass by stubbornly persisting in the lie nobody is buying anymore that there are no credible terror threats against the United States.

Today he was at it yet again:

Barack Obama said Thursday that U.S. intelligence and counterterrorism officials have received no specific, credible information suggesting a potential terrorist attack against the United States. He said Americans must be vigilant this holiday season.

"We cannot give in to fear or change how we live our lives," Obama said in brief remarks to employees at the National Counterterrorism Center. "We will not be terrorized. We've prevailed over much greater threats than this; we will prevail again."

Parenthetically, why does he never apply this "We cannot give in to fear or change how we live our lives" pap to "climate change"?  Seems like that's a topic on which fear and changing how we live is paramount.  Doing the same on a REAL threat like the Global Jihad would require him to acknowledge the rationality and validity of our fears and change the way he governs.  And that, of course, he will never do, no matter how many American lives it costs.  And besides, they'll have "had it coming," anyway.

Which is why his anti-terrorism approval numbers are pancaking.

He'd be much better advised (not that he ever listens to genuine advice, defined as anything he doesn't want to hear) to emphasize how his Regime is doing everything it can in the wake of Paris and San Bernardino, to protect the country and the American people and stop trying to pooh-pooh the threat itself.  Not that that tack would be any more honest, but every time he goes the Chip Diller route....

....the jihadist enemy strikes within days and even hours, like it's a guffawing reflex.

Now that he's triggered that reflex again, I would, in all seriousness, urge you all to stay home for the next thirty-six hours, just in case.  After all, we want to do everything possible to prove his infernal majesty right this time, yes?

And, you know, continue to live.


Anonymous said...

No surprise that the pathetic racist, bigoted, black-hating POS have a problem with what the President is saying. the pathetic racist, bigoted, black-hating POS ALWAYS have a problem with what the negro in the WHite House is saying.

Lone wolf terrorist attacks is not any Presidents fault....
The president has issued his recommendations on gun laws...
The same law changes that those parents agree to...

So you're sitting trying to find a single parent not agreeing me vs listening and accepting what the majority of the ones that do....

Do you see how twisted your mindset is?

No, I'm not saying every single one agrees to gun law changes....
But a lot of them do...
But that's not important to you is it?

You and your friends enjoy bashing Obama vs offering real solutions or helping fixing things..
This is all fun and games for you and your party here...

It's all about laughter and jokes... Who can say the funniest insult about Obama...

Does that make you feel good?

And which candidate are you rooting for by the way?

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

I was rooting for Scott Walker, to answer the final question. You think the President, and the people under him, have no influence on terror attacks? Did you feel the same way during the Bush Presidency, or was it all Bush's fault?

We do have a plan. You are not listening. Eliminate all federal gun laws, they are unconstitutional, anyways, and encourage gun ownership. If in America there is a gun behind every blade of grass, the Islamic Jihad in America will stop.

Douglas V. Gibbs said... for a more thorough answer to the above leftist comment.