Friday, December 18, 2015

Obama To Announce Third Term Decree @ State Of Union?

by JASmius

First, this:

It must be difficult for a mentally unhealthy President to watch his signature legislation, the Patient Pr[eda]tion and [Una]ffordable Care Act - the most prized accomplishment of his Presidency - go down in flames; especially for America's crown prince of arrogance, Barrack Hussein Obama.

Had a young Barry Soetoro been taught humility - instead of foolish pride - the boy who became King would have known better than to assume all his days would be full of accolades. Then again, maybe he is not capable of knowing the difference.

Barack Obama has never had to face failure in his life. Adversity perhaps, but not failure. Barack Obama has spent his life running away from his failures by seeking temporary and risky pleasures that fed his fragile ego and gratified his desire to be happy: Exotic travel, drugs, homosexual encounters, Islam. All collide with common man causes and a playboy appetite; all disturbing and conflicted excesses; all difficult for anyone to make sense of....

Perhaps this is why Americans have a difficult time understanding the complexity of both Obama's plans and failures. Perhaps this is why many Americans cannot see or even consider that Barrack Hussein Obama is simply an unstable pawn with too much power. He is a pawn that was selected by the Democrat Party leadership, who thought that they could control him in ways that Hillary Clinton would not tolerate. He's now become a pawn that has evolved into a powerful paranoid monster.

Now, the Democrats are publicly turning on him. In addition, he is both frightened for the loss of his coveted presidential legacy, and he is angry. Imagine Obama's feeling of desperation when he finally came to the realization that his "historic" presidency only served to put the first untouchable Democrat Party White House Negro in office.

As he has done from time to time in the past, Barrack Obama has now gone off the Democrat reservation. I do not think that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can bring him back; both are facing growing internal opposition to their leadership from many in their party. The House investigations have revealed compelling Executive Branch breaches of U.S. law. Pelosi and Reid's fund-raising prowess may rein Democrat mutineers in, but in my opinion, Obama is all but dead to the Democrats.

However, the angry man child president will have his way, or he will destroy it all before he moves on.

And now, this:

Barack Obama will deliver a "nontraditional" State of the Union address in January, focusing on his vision for the country during his last year in office rather than a legislative agenda, CNN reports.

"Going into the last year, I don't think you should expect a huge, long list from the president of legislative to-dos," CNN quoted a senior official.

With a Republican Congress unlikely to go along with....his vision, Obama will likely use his "pen and phone" method of issuing executive orders, and also expects to be a player in the 2016 presidential election, aides said. [emphasis added]

Hard not to connect those two gonzo big-ass dots, if you ask me.

I report, you decide.

But I know my conclusion: That 2016 is going to be a year comprehensively unprecedented in the history of the United States of America.

And not in a good way.

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