Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Obama's Anti-Syrian Christian Refugee Blockade

by JASmius

Thirty-four.  That's the grand total number of Syrian Christian refugees that the Obama Regime has grudgingly granted asylum in the U.S. Thirty-f'ing-four.  At the same time that he's been importing tens of thousands of Muslims and plans on throwing open the borders to hundreds of thousands more.

Syria, even today, has a population of just over twenty-three million, of which approximately ten percent are Christian.  That refugee acceptance proportion corresponds to 1/500,000th of the Syrian Christian population.  The Syrian Muslim equivalent is at least a hundredfold greater, or ten times greater than their proportion of the overall Syrian population.

Remember our discussion about U.S. Christian leaders and groups having to lobby the Obama Regime to officially designate the Islamic genocide of Christians in the Middle East as "genocide"?  And my extreme skepticism that there efforts were anything but a pipe dream?  Here you go:

The United States has let in a shockingly small number of Christian refugees from Syria — just thirty-four — in the four years since a civil war broke out there and the Islamic State began its campaign of mass slaughter.

The just-released figures from the State Department show the paltry number accounts for only 1.6% of the 2,100 Syrian refugees the U.S. has accepted. That is "disproportionately smaller than the 10% of Syrians who are Christian," the Hill reports.

Many conservatives are furious at the miniscule amount of Christian Syrian refugees that have been admitted, especially with the ongoing murders being conducted by the Islamic State.

Furious, but not shocked or surprised.  It all gets back to "fundamental transformation".  Barack Obama is an anti-Semitic Christophobe and an Islamophile and jihadi-symp.  His regime is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood.  It therefore stands to reason that if "fundamental transformation" is intended to be cultural as well as civic and economic, the last thing he would want is to import refugees that would make America MORE Christian and MORE peaceful.  To the contrary, he wants to both communize and Islamicize our country and ratchet up the violence and chaos, in concert with his disarming of We the People and emasculating and federalization of local law enforcement, so as to suborn general societal breakdown to provide him with a domestic crisis of sufficient magnitude to justify declaring nationwide martial law.

That's the big-picture objective.  But just on general principles, Christians are part of the "wrong tribe," and Muslims are part of the "right tribe" in King Hussein's poisonous thinking.  Therefore the latter are worth the saving, and the former deserve what they get at ISIS's hands as far as he's concerned.

Given that a few hundred or even a few thousand Syrian Christians wouldn't exactly tip any demographic scales in an "Islamophobic" direction, only thirty-four such refugees - a contemptuous token - is the outrageous but entirely predictable proof of his infernal majesty's Christ-hating animus.

If he wants to prove otherwise, there might still be Syrian Brothers and Sisters who haven't been shot, immolated, beheaded, or crucified yet.  Be my guest, Barry.

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