Saturday, December 05, 2015

Palatine, Illinois, Capitulates To The "Transgender" Mafia

by JASmius

Remember the seriously mentally disturbed Palatine, Illinois young man who has been convinced that his schwantz is a strap-on and held up his town's school district to force them to allow him full, unfettered access to the girl's locker room?  Sounds like something Howard Wolowitz might have tried, doesn't it?  Remember not too long after that when the Obama Commissariat of Re-Education  backed him up on it and unconstitutionally ordered the Palatine School District (#211) to comply with the demented boy's demands, and the latter vowed to fight this insanity?:

Aaaaaaand now we see, spectacularly illustrated for the whole world to see, the purpose of Title IX and all other manner of unconstitutional federal funding to State and local governmental entities: Coercion. Force. "WE OWN YOU, YOU MUST COMPLY".

To which Palatine school officials....will probably cave. But to which Palantine school officials ought to say, "[Bleep] you and keep your bleeping Title IX chains. And when all manner of extracurricular activities start drying up and our constituents want to know why, we'll just tell them the truth: That you perverts insisted that we allow mentally ill freaks and ill-disguised sexual predators into their young daughters' naked midst. And if they decide that's A-OK-okey-dokey, then they can oust us and 'insert' replacements who will do your tyrannical, unhinged bidding. But we will not be a party to it."

Aaaaaaand Palatine school officials....caved.  Not quite unconditionally, but awfully close to it.

Once again, the power of federal funding strap-on boners was stronger:

A suburban Chicago school district said on Thursday it reached a deal with the U.S. government over locker room access for a "transgender" student, but the civil rights group representing the student said the agreement fell short of its [demand]s.

Township High School District #211 in Palatine, Illinois, said it will provide changing areas in the girls’ locker room for the student, who has not been named, and for other students, within thirty days.

The seven-member school board held a special [i.e. emergency, since this was the end of the Obama Regime's thirty day deadline period] meeting on Wednesday evening, heard public comments and then voted 5-2 early on Thursday to approve the deal reached with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

The OCR last month found the school district discriminated against the student and gave it a month to provide full locker room access. At stake were millions of dollars in annual federal funds for the district of five high schools west of Chicago. [emphases added]

The usual federal government extortion racket strikes again.

And don't think this is the end of this story.  Why?  Because it was, at least technically, a "compromise,"  Apparently the Boy Named Sue will have his own private dressing and showering area within the girls locker room curtained off from the rest of the showering and dressing areas, respectively.  So technically he's in the girls lockerroom, but instead of being completely segregated from the actual females, the barrier will be a thin film of plastic.  Of course, unless those curtained-off areas have vacuum tube or transporter access from outside the girls locker room, he's still getting to get quite an eyefull on his way to his, er, "private area," which I can't believe there won't be a countersuit launched by angry parents to block this whole mind-bending outrage.  I know I would have joined it when my kids were still in high school.

Regardless, as you might have imagined, this isn't good enough for the shemale plaintiff and his ACLU enablers, who are demanding full frontal access without barriers, no matter how many eyes he puts out with that thing.  Which illustrates yet again that no compromise is possible with the Left on any issue because they're not interested in anything short of complete domination.  Or, in their vernacular, "We will be made to care".

The only thing that surprises me is that the Obama Commissariat of Re-Education settled for anything less than unconditional surrender from the Palatine School District.  It's not like The One is known for his ability or willingness to compromise, either.  I'd wager we'll see the former change its collective lost minds before too long.

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Lori Stewart said...

The school should proceed cautiously. They were sent the following clarifying OCR position and giving the school a second chance to take advantage of a very well-meaning transgender student: "The full terms of the resolution of this investigation are set forth in the resolution agreement. As to the specific questions raised in your email, the agreement provisions specific to locker room access apply only to Student A and the District’s agreement to provide Student A access to locker rooms is based on the student’s representation that she will change in private changing stations. The agreement is explicit in recognizing that the District does not admit any violation of federal law or regulations."