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The Vindication of Murrieta's Harry Ramos

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The case against the man that was ousted as mayor based on the fact that a bunch of his enemies threw at him unsubstantiated accusations has been settled, or at least in the eyes of the District Attorney.  With allegations of sexual harassment, abuse of members of the staff, and inappropriate abuse of his powers as mayor of the City of Murrieta, Harry Ramos from day one has verbalized that he is innocent, and that the proceedings against him were nothing more than a witch hunt designed to damage his character because he has a tendency to vote in a manner that opposes the power-brokers in the region.  An investigator was brought in to bring the facts to light, and in her report she tried to make Ramos look guilty, but the report revealed that every last one of the charges are hearsay with not a shred of evidence attached to any of them.  Nonetheless, based on the very fact that a crowd of his political enemies attacked Harry all at once, the City Council foolishly, and despite the fact that there was a lack of evidence, voted Mr. Ramos out of the position as mayor, removed him from all of the committees and agendas he was on for the city, and forbade him from acting in a role for the city outside the city limits.  Even though it was all a bunch of bullcrap, not a single member of the City Council had the guts to stand against the Murrieta elite and call out the inquisition for what it was.  Talking to uninformed people in town as the investigation was going on, and shortly after the report was issued, based on what little they had heard about it as provided by the media and the local important people, the general consensus was that Harry should be removed from the city council, and run out of Murrieta.

The accusation of sexual harassment could not be collaborated by any other person, and in fact the alleged occurrence of it happened over six months before the investigation. . . and not a single person had said a word about the alleged harassment up to that point in time.  Then, conveniently, the charge of Ramos acting inappropriately with a woman at a meet and greet where many people gathered emerged just in time for the investigator to uncover it.  The allegation that he used his city position to get his wife out of a ticket was misrepresented.  As it turns out the ticket was paid, but the couple made a complaint about how Ramos' wife was treated by the Highway Patrol officer during the traffic stop.  All of the remaining accusations were by individuals, without any supporting testimony or evidence attached to their allegations.  In other words, every single one of the attacks against Harry Ramos listed in the investigator's report was unsubstantiated hearsay.

When I stood at the dais during a special session of the City Council to support Harry Ramos, addressing the councilmembers with my own concerns of how rapid they were moving against Mr. Ramos, while the injury accident concerning the case against Alan Long remains in delay, how the removal of Ramos from the mayor position is conveniently fortuitous for the next mayor, Randon Lane, as he tries to look as good as possible for his County Supervisor candidacy, and how the council's favorite candidate (Ruth Anne Taylor Berger) in the last election will now have an empty seat to run for in the next election with Ramos thrown aside - she, by the way, unlike Ramos is in complete lockstep with the rest of the council members on issues like high-density housing, and whoring out our city for a trickle of federal and State money - I was accused of being "put up to it".  "I read the report," the person said to me.  "Who put you up to defending Ramos?"

I read the report too, and once you realize the allegations are all unsubstantiated, it doesn't take long to realize that Harry Ramos was railroaded.

Now, the District Attorney has shown that they agree with me.  The Riverside District Attorney's office has informed the City of Murrieta that the case involving Harry Ramos was looked into by their staff, and no charges will be filed because there is no evidence to support any of the allegations.

Political Elitists know that if they can make accusations sound horrid enough, and convince the public that the person might be guilty of them, it doesn't matter what the truth is.  They can destroy a person's life, and political career, with well placed lies - and in the case of Harry Ramos, that is exactly what they tried to do.  I have been defending Mr. Ramos since day one, and now the District Attorney has shown me that I was correct.  The kangaroo court in Murrieta found Harry guilty without evidence, without a proper pursuit of due process, and they have meanwhile given preferential treatment to their favorite sons.  Douglas McAllister, a tool of the political elite in Murrieta launched this.  He was the ring leader.  Was it at the instruction of people like Councilman Rick Gibbs?  Was City Manager Rick Dudley in on this?  For the moment, we don't know.  One thing is for sure: Harry Ramos has suffered the consequences of their lies, attacks, and manipulation of public opinion, whoever "they" (beyond Douglas McAllister) may be.

Is Harry Ramos capable of any of the allegations?  I don't know.  I don't think so.  His character, on the surface, towers above most of the rest of the people associated with local Murrieta politics.  Human Nature, however, does dictate that even the best of us are capable of doing dumb things.  However, in America, the last time I looked, we are not an oligarchy where a few powerful elitists run everything, and can destroy someone with some unsubstantiated accusations.  The Constitution of the United States was written with a philosophy that government should be restrained, that collusion and corruption has no place in American Politics, and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The politicians in Murrieta better straighten up, and cease this kind of anti-American politics.  The people of Murrieta recognize what is going on, and if the kind of treatment Ramos received continues, it won't be long before we begin to see the people take action.  Should there be a recall?  Should we launch investigations to expose the abuse of power some people believe the Rick-and-Rick show may be guilty of?  I don't know.  All I know is that the citizenry of this city is fed up with what they are seeing.  It is time to return Murrieta to having a council that is for the people, not for themselves.

Are you with me?

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