Friday, January 08, 2016

Bernie Sanders Has Made A Career Of Embezzling Campaign Funds

by JASmius

Yep, he's an authentic socialist, alright.

Just imagine what he'll do with the eighteen trillion additional smackers he wants to steal from us via direct confiscation and currency debasement:

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his wife of twenty seven years have funneled thousands of campaign and non-profit dollars toward family members and friends, according to an investigation by the Washington Free Beacon.

Reports show that between 2000 and 2004, Sander's spouse, Jane O'Meara Sanders and his stepdaughter, Carina Driscoll, took sizeable salaries from Sanders' House campaigns with [Mrs.] Sanders being paid "more than $90,000 for consulting and ad placement services" and Driscoll receiving $65,000.

Although it is not uncommon for campaigns to include family members, the payouts in this case are in question after [Mrs.] Sander's tenure as the president of the Burlington College.

According the Free Beacon, during her time as president of Burlington, the college paid nearly $500,000 to the Vermont Woodworking School, run by Driscoll, for classes.

In addition to that, the college also paid tens of thousands of dollars to an all-inclusive Caribbean resort run by Jonathan Leopold, the son of a family friend, for a study-abroad program.

The Free Beacon notes that after [Mrs.] Sanders stepped down from president of the college, the payments to the woodworking school and the Caribbean resort quickly came to a halt. [emphases added]

Well, of course, they did.  Because that's what an egalitarian, share-the-wealth, "man of the people" is all about: fiscal responsibility.

Crazy, wild-eyed, lying, corrupt, greedy mother!#$%er.

I bet this story boosts his poll numbers, though.

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