Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Germans Stunned By Rash Of New Year's Muslim Gang Sexual Assaults On Women

by JASmius

Not this one, of course; the Muzzies want to kill her, which is kind of odd, since she's the one holding open the door for their not-so-passive invasion of Europe.

But other German women?  Absolutely:

The German government Tuesday condemned dozens of apparently coordinated sexual assaults against women on New Year's Eve in the western city of Cologne blamed on Arab men but warned against anti-migrant scapegoating.

No matter how accurate and rational that "scapegoating" might just be.

Justice Minister Heiko Mass called for a thorough investigation of the rash of attacks, ranging from groping to at least one reported rape, allegedly committed in a large crowd of revelers during year-end festivities at the city's main train station.

"This represents a new dimension of crime that we will have to get to grips with," he told reporters, adding that the assaults had appeared to be "coordinated".

Indeed; and the most effective way of "coming to grips" with it is to deport all the Muzzie infiltrators back to the Middle East where they came from.  But German officials aren't interested in actual solutions, even if it would get them slurred as "Islamophobes," so they'll continue to protect the Islamic Fundies in their midst and let German women get attacked with impunity.

"The authorities are working intensively to determine who was behind this."

Asked by a journalist whether the attackers could have been refugees, Maas said police were still working to identify them.

"This is not about where someone is from but what they did," he said.

"Making an issue out of it, lumping it together with the refugee issue, is nothing but exploitation. Now is the time to determine the facts and then decide on the necessary consequences."

Actually, Heiko, in this case "what they did" has a great deal to do with "where they're from," because in Muslim culture women are basically property, have no rights, and are sexual playthings for Muslim men - all things that are sulfurically anti-feminist and yet never get condemned by Western feminazis, who are evidently aspiring harem girls or something, even though none of them remotely have the looks for it - and as Muslims always do, they are bringing their culture with them to, in this case, Germany, and demanding that their hosts - in this case, Germany - conform local culture to theirs.

In other words, roaming Muzzie rape gangs are to be the norm in German cities (and French cities, and Spanish cities, and Scandinavian cities, and Italian cities, and east European cities, and American cities, and...) because they're not your cities anymore, they're theirs.  Just like Germany is no longer your country anymore, it's now 'almania (ألمانيا), and you will be made to submit to your new Islamic overlords, one rape and bombing at a time.

So, my Deutsch freunde, you can either read the handwriting on the wall, start profiling in earnest, and take your country back, or you can keep doing what you're doing.  Or, as the old Fram oil filter commercial put it....

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