Thursday, January 07, 2016

Germany Bans "Islamophobic" Speech

by JASmius

Otto Von Bismarck wept:

Donald Trump may be testing the boundaries of tolerance on the U.S. campaign trail. But here in Germany, the government is effectively enforcing civility, taking aim at a surge of hate speech against refugees and Muslims.

As Western Europe’s most populous nation grapples with a historic wave of mostly-Muslim [invaders], politicians and [extrem]ists are decrying a rash of incendiary speech bubbling to the surface of German society. In a country whose Nazi past led to some of the strictest laws in the West protecting minorities from people inciting hatred, prosecutors are launching investigations into inflammatory comments as judges dole out fines, even probation time, to the worst offenders.

Understand what's going on here: The German people have been inundated and victimized by the tsunami of Muslims their government has suicidally invited and welcomed into their country without their consent, roving rape gangs of Muslim men are systematically sexually assaulting German women, but while the latter are being scrupulously defended by German government officials and law enforcement, it is the German people themselves who are being cracked down upon by that same German government for objecting to any, much less all, of it.

And as the old Ron Popiel informercials used to say, "That's not all!":

Perhaps even more disturbing than the crackdown on the protests, it’s being reported that Germany has “reached a deal” with Facebook, Twitter and Google wherein the social media outlets will cooperate in identifying “hate speech” for investigation. And here we run into the same old problem that we encounter in the United States with so called “hate crime” laws. The criminalization of thought is troubling enough to begin with, but as soon as that door is cracked open you then have to deal with the question of who will be making the determination of what constitutes “hate speech” as opposed to criticism or debate. As long as it’s the government making that call you have effectively approved censorship of opinions. And in Germany you can be arrested for it.

And not just censorship of any opinions, but censorship of opinions that don't toe the Global Caliphate party line.  The Germans are literally committing national and cultural suicide right before their own, and our, very eyes.  Ironic that they're doing so in such a, well, fascist way.

It's like I said the other day, mein Deutsch freunde: Your country is no longer yours.  You've lost it to the Muzzies without their having fired a shot.  And, worst of all, shots are what it will take to get it back.

Keep an eye on this story, folks, because Obamerikastan isn't that far away from that same fate and is closing fast.

UPDATE: Verbatim quote from one of the Muslim rape gangsters in Cologne: "I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.”  And you know what?  He's absolutely right.

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