Friday, January 08, 2016

Muslim Rape Gangs All Over Scandinavia, Too

by JASmius

Substitute "Muslim rape gangs" for "Saboit Faire" in the following vid....

....and you've got yourself an appropo lede to this story:

Helsinki deputy police chief Ilkka Koskimaki told AFP: “There hasn’t been this kind of harassment on previous New Year’s Eves or other occasions for that matter… This is a completely new phenomenon in Helsinki.”

Security guards hired to patrol the city on New Year’s Eve told police there had been “widespread sexual harassment” at a central square where around twenty thousand people had gathered for celebrations.

Three sexual assaults allegedly took place at Helsinki’s central railway station on New Year’s Eve, where around a thousand mostly Iraqi asylum seekers had converged

“Ahead of New Year’s Eve, the police caught wind of information that asylum seekers in the capital region possibly had similar plans to what the men gathered in Cologne’s railway station have been reported to have had,” police said in a statement. [emphases added]

This wasn't spontaneous or random; this was deliberate, organized, and calculated sexual hunting....

.....and it's happening all over Europe.  Which may be the only reason why the Finns were willing to admit that the attacks in their country happened at all.

And yet the dumb zebra herd will probably just try to bar young Muslim men while still welcoming in young Muslim women (like Tashfeen Malik) until the male jihadist-to-female-jihadist ratio is back in parity.  Because one thing the Left, anywhere on the planet, will NEVER do is admit they're wrong about ANYTHING, no matter how many lives it costs.  In the mean time, mass public events will probably be canceled, with public squares and stadia becoming effective no-go zones, and probably being taken over by the Muzzies for "prayer" centers.

But at least the Islamophilic Cologne police chief has had his Muzzie-loving ass fired.  It isn't much, but it's more solace than I would ever have expected.

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