Monday, January 11, 2016

Pope Francis To Islamic Jihadists: "Come On In!"

by JASmius

Alternative headline: "Pope Francis To European Women: Lie Back And Enjoy It".

From the "easy for you to say" file:

Pope Francis on Monday urged European governments to keep welcoming [Muslims] while acknowledging security and other concerns over the recent mass influx of people mainly from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

If he were truly acknowledging security and other concerns, he wouldn't be urging European governments to keep suicidally welcoming millions of their enemies into their midst.

Addressing ambassadors to the Holy See in the aftermath of the New Year's Eve mass assaults in Germany's Cologne, the pontiff said the present wave of migration seemed to be undermining the foundations of Europe's "humanistic spirit".

That "humanistic spirit" is part and parcel of the problem, and should be the antithesis of what a Pope would say.  Which is to say, why is all his compassion and mercy reserved for Muslims and none for the "Christian" European receiving population on which they are preying?

He urged European leaders not to to lose "the values and principles of humanity ... however much they may prove, in some moments of history, a burden difficult to bear."

"European leaders" aren't the ones getting gang-raped, mowed down, and blown up, vos pseudoprophetam Iudaeum.

Francis said Europe was struggling to cope with the unprecedented wave of "refugees," which saw over a million people arrive on the continent's shores in the course of 2015.

Because they are cultural invaders laced with thousands of Islamic jihadists.  That does tend to lead to "struggles" - at least when one is actually resisting them.

"Many [Muslims] from Asia and Africa see in Europe a beacon for principles such as equality before the law and for values inherent in human nature," he said.

No, they see an infidel population ripe for the conquering and exploitation.

"All the same, the massive number of arrivals on the shores of Europe appear to be overburdening the system of reception painstakingly built on the ashes of the Second World War, a system that is still an acknowledged beacon of humanity."

And that is why they all need to be sent back and any more kept out, right, your Unholiness?  Unless they convert to Christianity at the very least?

He said the sheer size of the influx was causing "inevitable problems" and raising concerns about "changes in the cultural and social structures" of host countries.

No stercore.  And you still can't figure out that the solution to the problem is to cut off the influx and expel those that have already invaded?  That the "sheer size of the influx" is not going to lead to the peaceful, idyllic, ecumenical kumbayah-fest you irrationally think it will, but rather more conflict, strife, and violence?  We could ask you the same question we asked Angela Merkel the other day, your Unholiness: Whose side are you on?

"Equally significant are fears about security, further exacerbated by the growing threat of international terrorism," the pontiff added.

Again, no stercore.

How about this, your popiness: The rest of Europe can relocate all million-plus Muslim invaders to Vatican City, and you can put them all up and put your merciful money where your big mouth is.

Let us know how it works out.  Especially your nuns' feedback.  That should be an easy habit to break.

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