Friday, January 15, 2016

Stunner: "Huge Spike" In Weapons Sales In German Cities Like....Cologne

by JASmius

Okay, not weapons weapons - citizens aren't allowed to own guns in Germany, which makes them almost literal sheep for all the Muslim wolves their insane government keeps importing - but if they were, this is a very good indication that firearms sales would be as through the roof as they are Stateside every time Barack Obama sheds another gun control crocodile tear.

I can't imagine why, can you?:

A spate of hundreds of sex assaults allegedly committed mostly by North African men on New Year’s Eve in Cologne has sparked an “explosion in sales” of pepper spray and non-lethal guns, German officials and an industry chief said....

In addition to defensive sprays, Cologne police said it had already received more than three hundred applications from adults wanting to carry imitation handguns and so-called gas pistols.

This was compared to 408 licenses for these weapons issued during all of 2015, police spokeswoman Daniela Lindemann said.

Germany’s strict gun laws mean that only hunters and professional marksmen are allowed to obtain licenses for lethal arms and would-be buyers are subject to background checks.

And just think, my friends: that's what Barack Obama wants for all of us: to make us all defenseless victims of Islamic violence.

We discussed the electoral suicide Angela Merkel is committing by her obstinate, extremist dhimmism and Islamophilia.  Here we see it in the microcosm:

The highest demand is for pepper spray in the wake of the New Year attacks, but gun shop owners say a growing number of customers are turning to air pistols, which are designed to resemble genuine handguns, as a deterrent. A licence to carry one in public is usually available to any adult without a criminal record.

Germans need a license, complete with interrogatory background checks, to carry a gun that doesn't shoot anything.  Just thought that needed to be emphasized, for its gallows comedic value if nothing else.  Which begs the question of how such ridiculous toys provide any deterrent value if societal predators know as well how impossible it is to obtain a real gun in that country, as they can't not know it.

“I think it’s good if you can defend yourself,” a customer who gave his name only as Daniel P told the Rheinische Post newspaper. He had just bought a pepper spray for his girlfriend and an air pistol for himself.

“The rush started as soon as I reopened on January 5th,” said Ulrich Schmidt, a Cologne dealer. “The customers are men and women, young and old.”

Meanwhile, the Bavarian town of Landshut sent thirty one refugees 350 miles by bus to Mrs. Merkel’s office in Berlin after the local mayor said the town could not take in any more people.

“If Germany takes a million refugees, that works out at 1,800 for my district. That’s all I’m taking. Any more I’ll send on by bus to the chancellery in Berlin,” Peter Dreier said last October. [emphases added]

Chancellor Merkel's ruling coalition is down to 37% public approval.  Public anger is growing, and with more than ample justification.  The chief duty of any government above and before anything else is to protect its citizens - what the preamble to the Constitution refers to as "insure domestic Tranquility [and] provide for the common defence".  Not only is "Mama Merkel" not doing that, she continues to actively endanger them by keeping the "refugee/migrant" in-flood of Muslims going at full throttle.  That's a collision course, either between the German people and the Merkel regime or between Germany and the Muslim world.  Which collision reaches its tipping point first will determine whether Deutschland has any chance to survive at all.

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