Monday, January 25, 2016

Want Trump To Be A Politically Correct Liberal? Just Elect Him

by JASmius

Trumplicans, your leader is laughing at you.  Whereas I am still trying to make up my mind between joining his laughter or simply throttling all of you one at a time.

Not that this will break his spell over you, bordering on the political equivalent of demonic possession, and maybe only a psychiatrist could rummage around in your scarred and hideously deformed psyches for the deep-down answer, but shouldn't outright gleeful taunts like the following bother you, even on a subconscious level?:

Trump acknowledging the act: "When I'm president, I'm a different person. I can be the most politically correct person you've ever seen."

Allahpundit tries herculeanly to find some rationality somewhere in this anti-Trumplican noogie:

He’s talking about tone here, and he’s made this point about tone before. He’s aggressive and anti-PC on the trail, in a knife fight with fifteen other candidates, because that’s what it takes to win, but if winning at the job of the presidency requires a different tone, then that’s the tone he’ll take. This must be the first time in American history where it’s impossible to predict not only what a major-party candidate would do as president — given Trump’s volatile political history, all we can count on is that there’ll be “deals” — but how he would sound.

It would be most accurate to say that, just as Trump will say or do anything to win in any given situation, he will also say or do it in any way he has to to win as well.  Probably all that matters to Trumplicans is the part about "winning," since they're already haplessly and irretrievably hooked.  Everything else is.....

But still - being "politically incorrect" - i.e. a prick - to the "right" people - i.e. "establishment" Republicans - was what vaulted Trump to the top of the Republican polls in the first place.  It's the core, the emblem, of his candidacy.  Now he's canoodling with that same hated GOP "establishment," insulting Ted Cruz - the true conservative "populist" - as a "whack job" in his best John McCain impression, and boasting about how politically correct he's going to be after he's been elected, which is of a piece with all the right-to-left flip-flops he's done on every significant issue including illegal immigration.  He's giving rhetorical golden showers to his core of the core supporters, and there they stand, heads up, mouths wide open, slurping down every drop like it was nectar from the gods.  And that's probably not the only one of Trump's figurative bodily fluids they're swallowing by the gallon (Super-virility is the hallmark of the Ultimate Alpha Male, you know), either.  Forget shooting somebody else in the middle of Fifth Avenue, Trump is shooting himself through the head, repeatedly, and he's impervious to it, because that's just not a vital organ for him, or his brainwashed minions.

But damn it all, it should be.

To borrow (and slightly edit) this exit quote from AP, "[Trumplicans'] reward for spinning for Trump here is watching this fake-conservative slam Cruz as a 'whack job' for doing exactly the sort of thing Rush et al. have been celebrating Cruz for doing for the past three years. Enjoy caucus night, everyone."

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