Thursday, February 04, 2016

"Baltimore" Is Ebonic For "Hell"

by JASmius

Remember this guy?  DeRay McKesson, the #BlackLivesMatter racist extremist insurrectionist who got a plumb gig as a guest lecturer at Yale University the school year?  Guess for what plumb gig he's one of the front-runners now:

In a surprise move, [racist extremist insurrectionist] DeRay Mckesson jumped into the already crowded contest for Baltimore mayor Wednesday night, shaking up the Democrat field minutes before the deadline to file.

IOW, the general election field, since I'll land another accounting job before "Charm City" elects a Republican as its mayor.

“Baltimore is a city of promise and possibility,” the Black Lives Matter [rebel] told the Baltimore Sun. “We can’t rely on traditional pathways to politics and the traditional politicians who walk those paths if we want transformational change.”

Sounds simultaneously Obamunist and Tea Party-esque, doesn't he?  And yes, that was meant to singe your toes, TPers, and prompt, perhaps, a bit of soul-searching on your parts.

He said he planned to release a platform within a week. He said it would include a call for internal school system audits to be made public.

And, you know, end “broken windows” policing (which is a proven crime reduction technique), increase community oversight of police (which is a proven crime-encouragement technique) and limit use of force (which is a proven technique for producing mountains of dead cops and runaway violence, rioting, and societal breakdown, leading to full-fledged communist revolution) among other goals.

See why "Mr." McKesson is one of the front-runners for the Baltimore mayoralty?  His only obstacle is Sheila Dixon, the former mayor (preceding the departing Stephanie "Give Them Room To Destroy" Blake) who is merely an embezzler, all-around crook, and convicted felon.

It almost makes you wonder where Maryland State attorney Marilyn Mosby is, other than riding her politicized, overcharged prosecutions of the Baltimore Six straight into the flaming ground, without which my guess would have been launching her U.S. Senate campaign to succeed the retiring Barbara Milkulski.  But her hubby, Nick, is running in her place, so don't worry, dear rioters, all is well.

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