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by JASmius

Well, first, he is zeroing in on a single terrorism-related program and calling it "counter-terrorism funding", which is a broad exaggeration. The UASI is a, singular, counter-terrorism program, so while O's cuts to it are certainly ill-advised and outrageous, it's not as bad as Chucky is making it sound. Second, he's being functionally hypocritical here by speaking more parochially as one of the senators from the State that hosts the most emblematic jihadist target, as 9/11 spectacularly illustrated. Because of the latter, Schumer is compelled politically to be more practical about the issue than ideological (i.e. Islamophilic and dhimmist), like the rest of his party. Plus, as Senate Minority Whip and Harry (G)Reid's likely successor, he's doubtless privy to intelligence reports indicating the true breadth and scope and imminency of the spectrum of gestating jihadist threats.

Still, it sounds like majority Republicans have a not-insignificant bipartisan ally in dispensing with this particular pro-jihadist bit of Obamunist "fiscal responsibility". Or will until after O has taken Chucky to the woodshed, anyway.

- Me, a week ago

I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote the above on Valentine's Day (okay, I know what I was thinking - and did - on Valentine's Day, and it was delightfully distracting, but I can't blame an omission of this magnitude on that); I clean forgot about the possibility, neigh certainty, that the White House cutting the UASI in half was their taking Chucky Schumer to the woodshed:

Former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is accusing the Obama administration of slashing the city's counterterrorism funding 50% in retaliation for Senator Chuck Schumer not backing the White House's Iran deal.

"There's a certain amount vindictiveness on the part of Washington aimed at Senator Chuck Schumer," Kelly said Sunday on The Cats Roundtable on AM 970 in New York.

"The fact that they cut it 50%, I think, was aimed at getting a reaction from Senator Schumer … Apparently they remember very well that Senator Schumer did not support their Iran deal."

The move would significantly impact on New York’s readiness, the former top cop told host John Catsimatidis.

Nice, huh?  Because Chucky didn't toe the Obamunist Party line on his chief foreign policy "legacy" item - which may well get the Big Apple "baked" in atomic flames one day in the not too distant future - The One is throwing NYC to the jihadist wolves.  How many civilian lives were saved by first responders and counter-terrorism measures on 9/11?  A thousand?  Five thousand?  Ten thousand?  Take half of that number (who knows what the percentage would have been, but work with me here....) and add them to the 3,000-person death toll.  For no other reason than that a member of O's cadre dared to publicly cross him.  How's that make you feel, New Yorkers?  You and/or your loved ones might one day die completely unnecessarily because of your demigod's vindictive, butthurt ego.  That's what "hopenchange" really means in practice.

It also means that ALL of our borders are erased, not just the one with Mexico:

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson said Sunday that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's move to expedite the process for Syrian refugees seeking asylum has him worried terrorists may be embedded among the refugees who then seek to enter the United States.

"And on average, prior to this program, it would take about sixty-two months [five-plus years] for Canada to properly vet a refugee," Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee said Sunday on The Cats Roundtable on AM 970 in New York.

"Now they're going to triple the number they're going to let in, and they're going to do it in [fewer] than twelve months. So, yeah, I’m a little concerned that maybe Islamic terrorists could infiltrate that flow of refugees and then come across that very porous northern border." [emphases added]

Remember the reports of a flash thaw in U.S.-Canadian relations when Boy Trudeau replaced Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper last fall?  You think they've already huddled and plotted to make Senator Johnson's nightmare come true?

Or was O too busy plotting to sell out South Korea and Japan like he surrendered to the Castros and the Mullahs over the past year?:

The U.S. called off talks with North Korea aimed at formally ending the Korean War when it became clear that the reclusive nation wasn't interested in stopping its nuclear program by conducting a ballistic missile test.

The talks, which Pyongyang requested according to the U.S.....

Anybody buying that?  I sure as heck am not.

....ended after North Korea rebuffed a U.S. demand that de-nuclearization be a condition for the talks, Obama administration officials said.

"To be clear, it was the North Koreans who proposed discussing a peace treaty," State [Commissariat] spokesman John Kirby said Sunday in an e-mailed statement. "We carefully considered their proposal, and made clear that denuclearization had to be part of any such discussion. The North rejected our response. Our response to North Korea's proposal was consistent with our longstanding focus on denuclearization.‎"

O theoretically only has eleven months left in office.  I'd wager that denuclearization precondition won't make it past Memorial Day, and John Kerry will be shuttling back and forth to Pyongyang coughing up everything Kim Jong-Un could ever ask for this summer, with the final, formal "peace" treaty signed before Election Day.

And that's probably being on the "conservative" side.

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