Friday, February 12, 2016

Obama Plans "Interview Surge" Of Syrian "Refugees"

by JASmius

Here is another wonderful benefit and advantage of interminable The Presidential Apprentice world tour sucking up all the national oxygen, my fellow Obemerikastanis: It's providing all kinds of additional distractionary cover for Barack Hussein Obama to do all kinds of outrageous things right out in the open that he might otherwise have made a token effort to conceal:

Senate Republicans are blasting a "disturbing" Obama administration plan for an "interview surge" of thousands of Syrian refugees to expedite their entry into the United States.

The GOP lawmakers reveal in a letter sent Friday to [Commissariat] of Homeland [Ins]ecurity [Commissar] Jeh Johnson and [Commissar] of State John Kerry that the Senate Judiciary Committee has learned the administration is sending between 200-300 officials to Jordan for at least forty-five days to interview thousands of candidates for the U.S. refugee resettlement program. [emphasis added]

Why bother going to the jihadists instead of letting them come to us through "normal channels"?  Read it and dive for cover, folks:

The senators charge the plan, referred to as the "MARKA surge," is being used to expedite the pace of refugee vetting that usually takes two years to complete.

Two years' worth of sieve-like "vetting" forty-five days.  Over sixteen times the normal pace.  What could possibly justify the Regime being in such a confounded, pants-wetting rush to put its Islamicization process on quantum slipstream overdrive, other than to try and proportionately catch up with Angela Merkel's roving Muslim rape gang feste and all around culturosocietal disintegraton, and buying into Donald Trump's "I'll ban all Muslims" BS?

Senators Grassley, Cruz, Hatch, Lee, Perdue, Sessions, Tillis, and Vitter do the honors of answering that rhetorical question as well:

"The administration’s refusal to suspend or even slow the pace of such refugee processing is particularly disturbing when reports abound of [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] terrorists intentionally inserting themselves into the Syrian refugee stream," the senators write. [emphasis added]

Ah, yes.  "Let dozens of 9/11s and thousands of San Bernardinos bloom".  "Bring the 'Arab Spring' to America".  Reduce large parts of our country down to the level of.....Syria.

Deliberately.  And with treasonous malice aforethought.

I can't wait to see what else The One is doing while all eyes focus Trumpward.  Or if we'll live long enough to find out.

Exit thought: What are the aforementioned senators expecting to hear back from Double-J and Lurch?  Profuse, sobbing contrition?  How about a letter to Bob Goodlatte saying, "Enough is enough.  Time for an impeachment inquiry."  It'd never succeed in removing O from office, but it would line up in one place all his "high crimes and misdemeanors" from the past seven years in order to ask American voters if this is the suicidal path down which we want to keep careening.

As an added bonus, it might suck some media oxygen away from Trump, and even add a veneer of "populism" to the party he's trying to hostiley take over.

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