Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Politicization Of ISIS Intelligence Common Knowledge In Obama Regime

by JASmius

Of course.  The Regime's pro-jihadist culture does trickle down from the top, after all:

The complaints, lodged by analysts at U.S. Central Command in 2015, are separate from allegations that analysts made to the Defense [Commissariat] inspector general, who is now investigating “whether there was any falsification, distortion, delay, suppression, or improper modification of intelligence information” by the senior officials that run CENTCOM’s intelligence group.

This second set of accusations, which have not been previously reported, were made to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). They show that the officials charged with overseeing all U.S. intelligence activities were aware, through their own channels, of potential problems with the integrity of information on ISIS, some of which made its way to Barack Obama.

The analysts have said that they believe their reports were altered for political reasons, namely to adhere to Obama administration officials’ public statements that the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS is making progress and has put a dent in the group’s financing and operations. [emphasis added]

Naturally.  The Obamunist party line was that O's phony war against ISIS was "degrading and eventually destroying" them, and that's the confirming intelligence reports he wanted to see.  If he'd gotten the truth from CENTCOM, he'd have fired them all, along with DNI James "Copper" Clapper "Caper"....

....and replaced them from his inexhaustible supply of drones.

So Copper Clapper Caper knew about the confoundedly confused CENTCOM crap.   But that's not what he confrontationally claimed to Capitol Hill last September:

“It is an almost sacred writ… in the intelligence profession never to politicize intelligence. I don’t engage in it. I never have and I don’t condone it when it’s identified,” Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

But Clapper sought to downplay what he called “media hyperbole” about the substance of the analysts’ complaints. “I think it’s best that we all await the outcome of the DOD I.G. investigation to determine whether and to what extent there was any politicization of intelligence at CENTCOM,” Clapper said.

In other words, Copper Clapper Caper kicked the Committee's can down the road.  And now it's clocked him in the caboose.

The conclusion?  Copper Clapper Caper is crapped, and knows when to clam up.

It's his job description.

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