Sunday, March 13, 2016

Angela Merkel's Party Gets Destroyed In German State Elections

by JASmius

She threw open her country's borders to over a million enemy Muslims to come pouring in, Sharia-izing and raping and pillaging.  Her people objected, cried out for help and relief, told her in one voice in no uncertain terms that they didn't want this influx, didn't want to have Islamic hordes equal to a quarter of municipalities' populations forced upon them, and to stop it and send them back.  She didn't listen, doubled-down, and said she was going to keep doing the same thing and that Germans were going to have to learn to like it.

So German voters responded in the only other way that they still had available to them - at the ballot box:

Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives lost out in two out of three regional state elections on Sunday as Germans gave a thumbs-down to her accommodating "refugee" policy with a big vote for the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD).

The poor showing in both Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate represented a worst-case scenario for Merkel, who has staked her legacy on her decision last year to open Germany's doors to over a million [Muslim]s.

The backlash was also visible in Saxony-Anhalt in former East Germany, where Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) remained the largest party but the AfD grabbed 21.5%.

"We have fundamental problems in Germany that led to this election result," said AfD chief Frauke Petry, whose party entered all three regional parliaments.

The result is a setback for Merkel just as she is trying to use her status as Europe's most powerful leader to seal a European Union deal with Turkey to stem the tide of [Muslim]s.

A deal to which the Turks have absolutely no incentive to consent since that would just mean that the "refugees" would simply pile up in Turkey and be Ankara's problem.  Merkel was the stumm breit who opened up this "migrant" expressway and made Turkey the on-ramp for it, and now she's taking it in the political bloomers for her arrogance.  Why should President Erdogan not be laughing heartily at her plight and effrontery in appealing to him to bail out her and the E.U.?  Especially after years of the Euros treating the Turks like the proverbial red-headed stepchild when they repeatedly petitioned for admittance to the E.U. and otherwise attempted to be more Western than Muslim.  Now the hühner are coming home to roost.

You'd think that these losses would get through to the Chancellor that this is a losing battle, mistaken policy, and that she'd better heed the clear voice of the people, belated though that would be, if for no other reason than to save her and her governing coalition's political asses.  But we're talking arrogant elites with huge, misinvested egos staked upon ideas that seemed so good and "enlightened" and "compassionate" at the time, and to admit that they haven't worked in practice, indeed have backfired, and are hurting her country and its citizens whom she is supposed to be serving first, would be to invoke the Arthur Fonzerelli principle....

They just can't say it.  She can't admit it.  And so she will not change direction, but will dig in even more.  Probably by working to remove popular sentiment from the equation as much as possible, by whatever means available.

Ironic it'll be that that is precisely the sort of government that's going to be needed to control the jihadist outbreaks that are already dissolving European countries into the chaos they've brought entirely upon themselves.

UPDATE: D'ya think this is going to make the Turks more or less likely to bail out Mama Merkel?:

A car bombing in a busy square in central Ankara on Sunday killed at least twenty-seven people and wounded seventy-five others, the provincial governor's office said.

"The blast was caused by a vehicle packed with explosives close to Kizilay square," an official statement said. The square is a key commercial and transport hub close to the city's embassy area.

I'm going to go way out on a limb and guess, probably not.

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