Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bullet Casings From Robert LaVoy Finicum Shooting Missing

by JASmius

I still maintain that Mr. Finicum was not "murdered" or "executed," because if the FBI and Oregon police had meant to do that, they would have shot everybody in Finicum's pickup as well.  He's the one that goaded the officers into shooting him, going so far as to get out of his vehicle and giving them a clear, unobstructed target.  He wanted to be a martyr for the Bundyite cause, and he got his wish.

That, of course, does not excuse the gaping overkill on the part of the cops.  One non-lethally aimed shot, two at the most, would have been sufficient to disable and subdue Finicum, assuming he was armed (and the officers had every reason to believe he was, which is why they already had their weapons drawn and aimed at him).  If Finicum had stayed in his truck as he should have, there needn't, and probably wouldn't, have been any shooting at all.

But there was, way too much of it, and whether it was fueled by adrenaline or malevolence, it does need to be investigated, and the appropriate disciplinary action taken against the officers in question.

Which makes this developing story, about which I wrote last week, all the more damning for the feds:

Two bullet casings from rounds fired by an FBI agent at a leader of the armed occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge apparently disappeared from the site where a State police officer fatally shot the protester, an Oregon newspaper reported.

In an article on its website late on Tuesday, the Oregonian cited unnamed law enforcement sources as saying video footage taken after the January 26th shooting showed agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation searching the ground and huddling, before one agent bent over twice to pick up something.

The newspaper report comes a week after the U.S. [Commissaria]t of [Inj]ustice[, Revenge & Coverup] said its inspector general's office was investigating the actions of the FBI's hostage rescue team in the deadly confrontation with Robert "LaVoy" Finicum.

The federale fired the shots, completely unnecessarily, and then absconded with the evidence, and who knows what he's since done with it.  Awfully suspicious behavior, by anybody's measure.  Why would he do such a thing given the loud and leading role in which conspiracism plays in this saga?  Wouldn't the feds' best interests be served by trying to get the Second Battle of Bundy Hill in their rear-view mirror?  They've got the entire Bundy clan behind bars, some as de facto political prisoners, after all.  The incident is done and done, and out of the headlines - or, at least, it was.  Why leave this loose end dangling, begging to be picked at and start the unraveling process?  Why, if you're the government, do you want to breathe fresh life into Robert LaVoy Finicum's martyrdom and increase the likelihood of more such incidents and episodes?

Were I advising FBI Director James Comey, I'd be telling him to crack down hard on this agent and thereby minimize the burgeoning appearance of impropriety on the Bureau's part, before the "He was murdered!" perception can grow any worse.

But then, such prudence is hardly a hallmark of the Obama Regime, so it's probably best to expect no such thing, and to stock up on your favorite snack foods and frosty beverages, as this particular charlie-foxtrot rages out of control, just like all the others in our combusting, coming-apart-at-the-seams country.

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