Monday, March 28, 2016

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Bends Over For The Lavender Lobby

by JASmius

So what will Governor Deal do? His most recent comments sound dismayingly like those that have preceded el foldo vetoes from his counterparts:

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Deal said he was “pleasantly surprised” that lawmakers had reached a compromise on the deal, [against] which he had previously spoken out.

“I have heard from both sides, and I’m sure I’ll continue to hear from both sides,” he said. “I will take their opinions into consideration, and I’ll do what I’m required to do: Which is to make the difficult decision on a very difficult subject.” [emphasis added]

This isn't even a tough prediction to make - Deal's veto is inevitable. And it will be on the grounds of something along the lines of "My job is not to be a preacher but to bring jobs and wealth and economic prosperity to our great State, and with that in mind...." etc. Because it's about the bottom line. Because the squeaky (and well-lubed) wheel always gets the "grease".

Because the Gaystapo rules the world.

- Me, four days ago

At least Nathan "Let's Make A" Deal waited until after Easter to spread the Peach State's buttcheeks:

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal will veto a religious freedom bill passed by the State legislature that has drawn national criticism for discriminating against [homosexual] "couples", the Republican announced at the State capitol on Monday....

Which it most certainly would NOT have done, but rather outlaw flagrant persecution of evangelical Christians.

Deal said he could not the support legislation that drew wide criticism from corporations and had triggered threats of a State boycott by the entertainment industry, including movie and TV studios and prominent actors.

But he can support Christian pastors being forced to perform homosexual "weddings," faith-based groups being forced to hire and retain employees whose beliefs run counter to their own (and, inevitably, forced to renounce their beliefs), and churches and religious schools being forced to hold events for people or groups to whom they object.  Because "we are all gay, now"- or else.

And because the Gaystapo rules the world.

I wonder if Governor Pilate Deal will pardon any of the Brethren who will otherwise be flooding into the Georgia State correctional system for their "bigoted" refusal to deny Christ and proclaim Sodom as Lord.  My guess?  Not if Hollywood might find out.

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