Thursday, March 24, 2016

NFL, Disney & Marvel To Georgia: [Bend Over] Or We'll Screw You

by JASmius

Sid Vicious (the real life Sid Eudy) use to have a catch phrase: "I'm Sid Vicious [or, in the WWF, Sid Justice], AND I RULE THE WORLD!"

That's how you can tell that pro wrestling is "fake," because in the real world, it's the Gaystapo that's "on top".  And "corporate America" is "swallowing".

The Georgia legislature, God bless their federalist courage, passed their version of a bold and expansive religious liberty bill last week, which protects religious officials from having to perform sodomarriage ceremonies, and would allow faith-based organizations to deny services or employment to those who violate their sincerely held religious belief, according to Variety.  As we have discussed so many times in this space over the past few years, this measure is not about sodomarriage, and it is not about queer special "rights"; it is about the First Amendment right of Christians not to be forced to accept sodomarriage and queer special "rights" by being forced by the police power of the state to participate in them.  It isn't even the "separate but equal" sodomarriage bill that was recently introduced in the Kentucky senate (and will never go anywhere).  Georgia's legislation simply says what the First Amendment guarantees: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;".  Just as it would be unjust - to say nothing of a terrible witness - to empower the state to force non-Christians at the point of a gun to profess Christianity and attend church and espouse beliefs they don't hold, so it is equally as unjust to empower the state to force Christian clergy at the point of a gun to perform sodoweddings and Christian merchants to service them, in flagrant violation of their freedom of association and religious conscience.  Is that not, after all, what the free market is all about?  That a homosexual "couple" can find such "clergy" and bakers and photographers who will perform those services for them?  And does it not make clear that the targeting of Christian clergy and merchants by homosexual "couples" is for no other purpose than to exercise tyrannical domination over them and wipe out them and everything they believe in?

Because....the Gaystapo rules the world.

And corporate America has gotten that message.

First it was the MSFL (Michael Sam Football League)....

....which, though they didn't forcibly relocate the Atlanta Falcons to "Hershey," Pennsylvania - which I have to say is fairly shocking - has threatened to "pull out" Super Bowl LIV and LV if the Peachtree city of Governor Nathan Deal signs the religious liberty bill into law:

The NFL came out against a proposed religious exemptions bill in Georgia Friday, saying the deal could have an effect on the Super Bowl selection process for 2019 and 2020.

Atlanta is one of the finalists for the next two league title games to be awarded, along with New Orleans, Miami and Tampa. The city is considered a clear favorite because of its new retractable-roof stadium that is set to open next year. However, the religious exemptions bill could change all of that.

"NFL policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard," league spokesman Brian McCarthy said. "Whether the laws and regulations of a State and local community are consistent with these policies would be one of many factors NFL owners may use to evaluate potential Super Bowl host sites."

And punish any that don't bend over for the Gaystapo.  What about the tolerance and inclusiveness of, and prohibition of discrimination against, evangelical Christians?  Don't we matter as well?

No, we don't.  Because the Gaystapo rules the world.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank has his sights set on Atlanta getting the Super Bowl for at least one of those years and because of that he also has come out against the bill that would protect opponents of s[odo]marriage amid concerns it could lead to discrimination against [homosexual] and transgender people.

i.e. Equal treatment, since in the debased culture of 2016, such people will never have any difficulty getting "serviced," which is why they've twisted "discrimination" to mean being denied the "right" to figuratively (and literally) rape the Brethren.

Also, now you know why the "Hershey Highwaymen" aren't the newest "members" of the NFC South - because Mr. "Shooting" Blank has made of himself a (hopefully just) figurative queer gigolo.

Blank’s opposition follows a laundry list of business leaders who are strongly against it.

"I strongly believe a diverse, inclusive and welcoming Georgia is critical to our citizens and the millions of visitors coming to enjoy all that our great State has to offer," Blank said in a statement Friday. "House Bill 757 undermines these principles and would have long-lasting negative impact on our State and the people of Georgia."

Your State is being held hostage by less than two percent of the population, Artie, and you demand that it subsidize the Crisco.  Which suggests that what the Peach State "has to offer" is primarily cowardice - except for its political leadership.  How's that for a juxtaposition?

Next up, Disney, which somehow went from this.... this....

....and taken Marvel....

....puts a whole new twist on Civil War, doesn't it? - and LucasFilms....

...kinda puts a whole new twist on how Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) put his long, pointy object into (and through) his old man, doesn't it? -.down with them.
Disney and Marvel Studios threatened that if a so-called "anti-gay" bill is signed into law in Georgia, it would prompt their departure from the State....

Even though the bill is actually a pro-Christian one that will have zero effect upon that two percent or less of the population.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has until May 3rd to sign the bill into law but has [been] getting increasing pressure from entertainment groups for him to veto the measure, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The State's tax incentives, which offers up to 30% tax credits to big-budget entertainment projects, has made Georgia a television and movie haven in recent years.:

"Disney and Marvel are [selectively] inclusive companies and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation [prohibiting] discriminatory practices [against Christians] be signed into State law," a Disney spokesman stated Wednesday, according to Variety.

Marvel Studios, a division of Marvel Entertainment and a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, has used its Pinewood Studios, near Atlanta, to shoot the upcoming Captain America III: Civil War and is currently shooting Guardians Of The Galaxy II, noted Variety.

It's important to note one thing at this juncture in order to remain consistent on the issue of "corporate America".  Remember what the core purpose of any business, of any size, in any industry, is: To earn a profit for its owners/stockholders.  That's it.  Businesses don't exist to "create jobs," which are in reality a beneficial byproduct of business growth enhanced to the degree that the government stays the hell out of the economy, and if they want to "take their business elsewhere," they are, and should be, entirely free to do so.  Which also includes "exporting jobs overseas" and "corporate inversions" and eliminating overpaid minimum wage jobs with automation and all manner of other "big business" decisions that the Left doesn't like and seeks to ban by the police power of the state - that latter factor of which is a big factor in "corporate America's" bungholes getting stretched.  They can see what's going on, what's, er, "coming," and they are going with the, um, "flow" because their top priority is, yes, the "bottom" line.

One could, though, question the business acumen of "blowing" off the rights of 98% of the population on behalf of the other 2%.  The logic works both ways.  Am I going to boycott Cap III because Marvel, following Disney's lead, may "coitally interrupt" the Peach?  No.  And I highly doubt more than a tiny fraction of MCU fans will, either.  However, if the Georgia religious liberty bill did become law, and Marvel backed down from their withdrawal threat, would that have any greater of a negative impact on MCU movie attendance?  Nope.  Because people go to movies to be entertained, not to use them as proxies in cultural "rear" guard actions.

In short, it wouldn't cost Disney financially to live and let live with Georgia's religious freedom statutes, just as the Gaystapo has insisted for years that REAL marriage wouldn't be affected by sodomarriage.  The difference being of course that the former is true, while the latter is not and never was.  Because the Gaystapo rules the world.

So what will Governor Deal do?  His most recent comments sound dismayingly like those that have preceded el foldo vetoes from his counterparts:

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Deal said he was “pleasantly surprised” that lawmakers had reached a compromise on the deal, [against] which he had previously spoken out.

“I have heard from both sides, and I’m sure I’ll continue to hear from both sides,” he said. “I will take their opinions into consideration, and I’ll do what I’m required to do: Which is to make the difficult decision on a very difficult subject.” [emphasis added]

This isn't even a tough prediction to make - Deal's veto is inevitable.  And it will be on the grounds of something along the lines of "My job is not to be a preacher but to bring jobs and wealth and economic prosperity to our great State, and with that in mind...." etc.  Because it's about the bottom line.  Because the squeaky (and well-lubed) wheel always gets the "grease".

Because the Gaystapo rules the world.

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