Monday, March 21, 2016

How Hillary Clinton Will Triangulate Her Way To The White House

by JASmius

What have I repeatedly pointed out about Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen?  Actually, I've pointed out a lot of things about the "mogul": That, like Bill Clinton, he's a satyriasist and conman with hard-left instincts who elevates his own personal glory, greed, and pleasure above the leftwingnut cause and lies constantly; that, like Barack Obama, he's a towering narcissist who lies constantly and badly, only without the overabundance of pigmentation behind which to hide; that he is an absolute menace to the United States Constitution waiting to take over from the (hopefully) outgoing menace to the United States Constitution; and that he's a thug with mafia connections and tactics who hires aspiring Ernst Röhms to beat up his enemies in the streets, and has plenty of volunteers to join them.  And, oh yes, he couldn't get generally elected in a dog pound if he was doused in A-1 steak sauce.

Incessant mendacity, violence, and unimaginable unelectability, the three legs of the Trump political stool.  We're going to examine the first item, because that is where La Clinton Nostra is now, in Hillary's first public indication that she believes she's the Democrat frontrunner, zeroing in, and for abundantly good reason:

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took several jabs at Donald Trump in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference on Monday, hitting the "Republican" frontrunner over his professed 'neutrality' in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Like Trump's Republican rivals, [Mrs.] Clinton slammed Trump's muddled stance, which she said is rooted in the premise that "everything's negotiable." She drew a sustained ovation by concluding, "Israel's security is non-negotiable." [emphasis added]

And she was not done pandering, folks, not by a long shot:

[Mrs.] Clinton also ripped Palestinian leadership for fomenting violence against Israeli civilians and called for new sanctions against Iran, as a consequence of the regime's multiple illegal missile tests since the infamous nuclear accord went into effect.

Did she mean a word of anything she said?  Of course not, no more than Trump will mean a word of his near-verbatim pandering to come.  But (1) the Empress got hers off first, (2) the media will take her side over Trump's, and, most importantly, (3) his even higher negatives give her the credibility advantage on pretty much every issue.  She will have a free hand to get away with all the confabulations that he's gotten away with during the GOP primaries but will no longer be allowed to in the general, as well as all the free media from which he will be cut off.  She will also have the nationwide organization that he still lacks, she will have the two billion-plus dollars while he will be on a shoestring and probably take the public campaign financing because he probably, in reality, isn't close to being a billionaire and isn't willing to bankrupt himself (again) in a campaign he's guaranteed to lose.

That credibility advantage is key, because since Trump is as all over the place, as verbally incontinent as the Clintons have always been, she can pivot off of anything Trump has ever said on either or both sides of every issue as she needs to to gain one tactical advantage after another.  Trump is such a liar that she doesn't have to be a good liar herself (which she isn't), just a better one than he is, in the same way that the only candidate with negatives even worse than hers will be her opponent.

This is why I say that Trumplicans and their nose-holders using the Ugly Dutchess as a scarecrow isn't going to work, just as using Nancy Pelosi in that same role in the 2006 midterms failed.  The Director, for example, may pull the lever for Trump if it means stopping Hillary, like that would be a better option (and like she can be stopped), but for the independents and Hispanics and women (including Republican women) and millennials, et al who despise Trump like genital warts, they see Trump as the far greater threat.  As, in point of fact, he has made a point of depicting himself, in hopes of luring as many Republicans as possible into embracing, in the hopes of duping them into demolishing the GOP "brand".  And at which he, in that regard, has been highly successful.  Which is why we can kiss our congressional majorities goodbye as well.

When Trump's defenders sputteringly whine that she's a corrupt liar too, they'll be right, but nobody will care, because that's already baked into the Clinton cake.  Just as Trump's anti-social personality and corruption and business incompetence and crookedness is baked into his.  They both have no place to "grow" in public perception, but he is perceived as ever worse than she is, and he lacks the ability to change that perception.  She's the devil voters know, and he's the devil they don't; they're both devils, but they'll take the appeaser over the thin-skinned, volatile dictator-admirer, the tax-raiser over the even bigger tax-raiser, the re-nominator of Merrick Garland over the nominator of his more-radically-pro-abortion-than-Planned-Parenthood sister, and, in this case, the avowed Israel-supporters over "Neutrality Man".

Of course, this is Hillary Clinton we're talking about, so she, of course, did not escape the event unscathed....

Five people clap for Hillary's applause line about her role in the Iran nuke deal. Oops.

....but still.  The Democrats are about to nominate the worst national candidate in their party's history, and the GOP is countering with the one and only candidate incapable of defeating her, because that is his actual role in this campaign, whether or not he realizes it.

Triangulating off of Trump is mumbledypeg.  The mastermind of this political and electoral masterpiece is of Barack Obama.

That does explain all the helicopters that were buzzing my area today.  Good thing none of them were black.

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