Monday, March 14, 2016

Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens Released From Jail Later Charged With Homicide

by JASmius

Looks like Kate Steinle has a lot of company, thanks to Barack Obama:

More than 100 illegal [alien]s arrested — and then released — by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials over the last five years were then charged with homicides after they were freed, a new report finds.

The report from the pro-immigration control group, Center for Immigration Studies, shows 121 criminal illegal [alien]s caught and released by ICE between 2010 and 2014 were later charged with 135 homicide-related crimes; another three were charged with homicides in 2015, bringing the total to 124.

Two of the illegal [alien]s in the group had already been convicted of homicide, were released, and went on to incur new homicide charges, according to the report.

The others accounted for 464 total criminal charges, ranging from drugs to drunken driving, before they were charged with homicide, the report finds. [emphasis added]

124 sounds like a lot, doesn't it?  But when you figure that against the thirty million or so illegals in the U.S. overall, it shrinks in perspective to about 0.003%, or in the same percentage range of homociders as the general population.  Which is to say, for all the angry hoopla about "hordes of Mexican rapists and killers" with which Donald Trump opened his campaign nine months ago, the fact is that Latinos are no more or less murderous than any other ethnic demographic.  Which is why it was so foolish for Trump to imply that there was a gross disparity and so discredit border hawkery with the general electorate - which is to say, mission accomplished.

This issue with illegal immigration is not, nor has it ever been, race or ethnicity, but rather the upholding of the rule of law.  The United States is a nation, and it has borders, and it has every right and duty to control those borders and control who gets into the country and who does not and in what numbers.  Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution lays it out:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence. [emphasis added]

Invasion doesn't just mean tanks rolling across a frontier, but also the passive invasion of illegal immigration, which can inflict disease on the receiving population, as we saw in the summer of 2014, and provide cover for jihadist and other enemy infiltrators to get into the country to wage asymmetric war against us.  That is why we have immigration laws - and, of course, why the Obama Regime refuses to enforce them.

These 124 illegal killers aren't enemy infiltrators, but simply foreign Latinos who broke our immigration (and a great many other) laws and were not supposed to be here.  If they had been expelled instead of released, those hundreds of homocides may well have still taken place, but they'd have been perpetrated somewhere else than on American soil.  Or, in other words, protecting the receiving population from that demographically proportional number of serial killers as well.

And the blood of their victims is on Barack Obama's hands.

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