Thursday, March 31, 2016

ISIS Hackers Attack New Jersey Police

by JASmius

Minnesota two weeks ago, New Jersey today, and at that rate, the entire country by next spring - assuming, of course, that that rate doesn't accelerate:

A group of Islamic State affiliates posted the names and addresses of dozens of New Jersey police officers on the web and encouraged the carrying out of "lone wolf" attacks on them, Newsweek reports.

The chilling breach of security occurred as a group called The Caliphate Cyber Army released personal details of fifty-five officers after hacking into the official website of the New Jersey Transit police.

"The lone wolves r hungry for yr [sic] blood," one of the alleged terrorists wrote in a tweet, according to Newsweek.

Here are the questions that need asking: Is there any level of government anywhere in this country that has not been completely cyber-looted and pillaged by this point?  And is cybersecurity just that hard, the CCA and other enemies just that superior at hacking, or do we simply suck that bad at stopping them?

And, of course, is the Obama Regime even really bothering to try?

One more: Is it not an implicitly telling sign of the times in which we live that everybody takes for granted that the jihadist "lone wolves" are already here and ready to launch these assassination strikes?

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