Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Obama Dhimmi Offensive Continues: 'Inflammatory Comments' About Muslims 'Counterproductive'

by JASmius

Well, Jeh (sounds more dignified than "Commissar Johnson," roger?), the truth is a double-edged sword, but it will set you free.

But then what do you and your boss have to do with freedom - including from mass slaughter?:

Inflammatory comments being made about Muslims by GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are "counterproductive" to the country's national security interests, Homeland Security [Commissar] Jeh Johnson said Tuesday.

Notice how he's trying to link Cruz to Trump?  Don't try to tell me which he thinks is the easier opponent for Hillary Clinton this fall.

"I think that, in this phase, it is critical that we build bridges to American-Muslim communities, not vilify them, not drive them into the shadows and encourage them to work with us," Johnson told MSNBC's Morning Joe program about statements made by Cruz following the attacks in Brussels about the United States' need to expand how it monitors and patrols the nation's Muslim communities.

And after they blow up the bridges, then what, Jeh?  Why should they work with the weak-horse infidels?  Especially when it can and will cost them their lives (see below).

And when pressed by show host Joe Scarborough, Johnson admitted he thought such comments, and others made by Trump calling for a temporary ban on allowing Muslims to come in, are detrimental to the security efforts underway.

By keeping out more of the enemy?  Hard to see the detrimentality in that.  Trump's error is in only calling for a temporary ban, no matter how far outside the Overton Window it would be.  Which is why Senator Cruz's surveillance strategy is much more practical and realistic.

"I believe that inflammatory comments about patrolling and securing Muslim neighbors or barring Muslims from entering this country, having an immigration policy based on religion, is counterproductive to our homeland security and national security interests," Johnson said.

So is death, Jeh.  And notice that he never does say just exactly how "Muzzie-control" would be "counterproductive to our homeland security and national security interests".  Because he can't, because it isn't.

Which he went on to tacitly admit in his very next sentence:

But Johnson said he does agree with Cruz, who has responded to critics by saying it's important to focus counterterrorism efforts on places where radicalization could occur, that it's important to understand your enemy and its motivations.

The enemy and its motivations that Barack Obama will not name.  And, consequently, neither will Jeh.  I'm guessing he's got a woodshed session with The One coming up later today.

Getting back to that "bridge-building" to American Muslims to "get them to work with us," here's a fine example of that:

The killing of a shopkeeper in Glasgow, Scotland has led to an investigation into "religious prejudice," reports the Washington Post.

Asad Shah was a popular shop owner who posted "Happy Easter" messages on his social media, and may have been killed because of it, according to the Daily Record.

Police have arrested a suspect who may have been angered by Shah's frequent posting about other religions, said the report.

Shah was a member of the Ahmadiyya sect that preaches "Love for All, Hatred for None."

In other words, the Ahmadiyya are Muslim apostates.

According to the police report, "The theory is that he saw what Asad was saying on YouTube and Facebook and drove up to track him down. The hardline Sunni Muslims call Ahmadiyya Muslims kafir. They say they are non-believers."

And we all know what the Muslims do to "non-believers," don't we?

Outside the White House, anyway.

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