Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stopped Clock Syndrome: Obama Right About Trump

by JASmius

Never have I had a stranger bedfellow on anything.  But we both like to shoot baskets and he did receive the then-World Champion Seahawks at the White House a couple of years ago; that might somewhat alleviate the migraine awkwardness:

Barack Obama on Monday challenged [his] media [to] stop chasing ratings and take on 2016 election candidates who are willing to "lie out loud" and whose campaigns are "untethered from reason."

Without calling out Donald Trump by name [because he didn't have to] Obama used a journalism award ceremony in Washington to deliver his toughest condemnation yet of the caustic tone of the presidential election campaign and the media coverage of it.

Training fire on television networks' often breathless coverage of Trump's campaign and wall-to-wall interviews with the controversial businessman, Obama said "a job well done is about more than just handing someone a microphone."

He said the electorate would be better served if the media were to "probe and to question and to dig deeper and demand more."

"It would be better served if billions of dollars in free media (coverage) came with serious accountability," he added.

The irony in O's words does reach gamma-ray-burst-level blindness, doesn't it?  It's like, "If only it wasn't Barack Obama who was uttering them," because they are spot-on target.

I'd say, "pot, kettle, black," but he might think it'd be racist, and I want to try those chili half-smokes.

That was one in a string of clear references to the former [?] reality TV star, who has leveraged his fame to appear almost constantly on television news.

"What we are seeing right now does corrode our democracy and our society," Obama in remarks that were notable for their frankness and how much they reveal about the White House's unease.

Actually, "what we are seeing right now" exemplifies democracy, which is precisely why the Founding Fathers didn't trust it and wrote the Constitution to limit Da Peepul's power as well.

"I'm not one who is faint of heart," Obama insisted. "But when our elected officials and our political campaigns become entirely untethered from reason and facts and analysis, when it doesn't matter what's true and what's not that makes it all but impossible for us to make good decisions on behalf of future generations."

Imagine my plight at this moment, folks; I don't know whether to high-five Barry or punch him in the mouth.  Other than the chili half-smokes, that is.

The outgoing [?] president dismissed disdain for political correctness -- another common theme in Trump's campaign -- as "increasingly just an excuse to say offensive things or lie out loud." [emphasis added]

Even though I know what he means by that, on the generic face of it, (Man, my fingers are starting to cramp up) Barack....Obama....is....absolutely....right.

Forget signs of the Apocalypse, it's already here.

Though I hope I get to try those chili half-smokes first.

UPDATE: Hillary has never looked more confident, for some "strange, unfathomable" reason, has she?:

Hillary isn't shaking in her boots.

Far from it.

Sources close to Hillary tell me she couldn't be happier about the Trump phenomenon. In fact, she's hoping and praying for a one-on-one matchup against Trump next November.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Hillary trouncing The Donald by eleven points — with a chance of winning back control of the Senate.

"Hillary would be delighted if Trump turns out to be the nominee of the Republican Party," says one of her closest advisers. "He represents everything Democrats say is wrong with Republicans — that they're nasty and prejudiced and against minorities and women....

"Most important of all, Trump is Hillary's get-out-of-jail-free card. Say Hillary is indicted on her email scandal. If Trump is your only other alternative for president, millions of voters will pull the lever for Hillary, indicted or not." [emphases added]

You know it's true, Director.  I'd advise you to come out of that existential cloture bubble and look at this looming party and national catastrophe realistically: The Hillary Clinton scarecrow strategy is not going to work, anymore than the Nancy Pelosi scarecrow strategy did a decade ago.  Voters don't like Mrs. Clinton but they're scared to death of Trump, and unlike in the case of Ronald Reagan, with good reason.

And that's why Bill Clinton slyly talked Trump into the GOP race.  He recognized the grassroots mood, swimming as it was in incoherent Tea Party anger, and how a minted demagogue of Trump's caliber could exploit it in order to replace the GOP's "brand" with his own, as he personified every leftist smear of conservatism ever vomited upon us.  Just as he knew that Trump was the only opponent Hillary Clinton could defeat.  And now it is all proceeding as he has foreseen....

You have to imagine it with a boyish twang, but otherwise, that's real time footage.

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