Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thousands Call For An Armed Republican Convention

by JASmius

We just keep falling ever-deeper into the looking glass, don't we?:

More than 22,000 people have signed a petition calling for Americans to be allowed to carry firearms at the Republican National Convention -- because the ban puts lives at risk.

Guns are not allowed inside the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, where the event - which could descend into a heated battle for the party presidential ticket - is taking place in July. [emphasis added]

In any normal cycle, I wouldn't even give this idea a second look or need to give it a second's thought.  "Gun-free zones" are proven magnets for gun violence and mass-murdering "active shooter" events, and indeed, given the Left's open promise to turn Cleveland into a pitched war zone outside the convention hall, and the not-inconsiderable likelihood that they'll get into the building as well, having armed delegates is as prudent as it is commonsensical.

But with the violence at Trump rallies becoming ever-increasingly two-sided, and the heatedness of the nomination fight itself growing to the level that would have resulted in an armed duel two centuries ago, having armed delegates on the floor of QLA might lead to delegates shooting at it each other while the bullets, Molotov cocktails, who knows, maybe mortars, RPGs, and IEDs fly outside.

On the other hand, that might actually serve as a deterrent against ISIS crashing the party - or cover for them to gain ingress to blow the whole venue to merry hell:

"By forcing attendees to leave their firearms at home, the RNC and Quicken Loans Arena are putting tens of thousands of people at risk both inside and outside of the convention site."

In the event of an attack on the venue people there "will be sitting ducks," raising the specter that the Islamic State could target it, the petition says.

Everybody fighting everybody.  Casualties littering the sidewalks and parking lots and convention floor and stage.  And then Quality Loans Arena blowing sky-high - even before the jihadists can get there.

If nothing else, at least the last GOP convention won't be dull - and might go out with some degree of "bang".

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