Sunday, March 13, 2016


By Allan McNew

Let's get this out of the way from the get-go: for how the “Rev” Al Sharpton and David Duke have so needed each other to stir up racial hatred during their lifetimes to fuel their largely similar agendas, when they die they should be buried in the same coffin, intertwined in a lip locked eternal embrace.

A majority of minority race activists in their own circles tend to trash useful idiot white liberals, who parrot all the ass kissing, politically correct lines about “social justice”, “white privilege” and “white disenfranchisement of people of color”, as acting out of hypocritical, self interested “white privilege”, and who, race obsessed minority activists have said on their blogs, should quit liberally kissing asses of color by getting off the victimization baiting stage (not a job to be hired out to whites) and sometimes suggest that white liberals should get out of town as well. Those same racially obsessed activists “of color” are largely going to cynically vote for white liberal Hillary Clinton, because the majority see her as the least of all viable evils. Otherwise the assertion of white racism is usually a dishonest tool to divert from valid arguments or dishonestly shut down political activity by the opposition.

So, there is now a negative assertion that Trump has attracted white racist supporters which soils him as a presidential candidate. However, every candidate who has been in the race on the Republican ticket, for obvious reasons excepting Ben Carson, will have among their supporters some white racists whom the candidates have neither catered to, promoted nor sought support from. By contrast, over at the “Party of old white people”, Sanders and especially Clinton have been soliciting minority racists and pandering to minority victimization dogma to get votes.

David Duke is a wet dog, and wet dogs just aren't welcome. When Duke ran for office on the Democratic ticket, the Democratic party officials didn't want anything to do with him. When Duke ran for office on the Republican ticket, the Republican party officials ran from him and actually endorsed and supported Duke's Democratic opponent. When Duke ran for President on a third party ticket, more than 99.9% of the national electorate DID NOT cast votes for Duke, hardly a ringing endorsement by any demographic.

However, Duke likes to smear his own feces under other people's noses. Duke once said that thousands within the Tea Party had expressed support for himself, whereupon the NAACP fired off a hysterical press release denouncing the Tea Party. I haven't met a Tea Party adherent that shares Duke's vile ideology, to the contrary it seems quite a number have supported Ben Carson. Undoubtedly, there will be a few with white racist sentiment within the Tea Party movement, as there will be a few nearly everywhere else. That doesn't make the Tea Party a bastion of white supremacy, but Duke's unsupported blarney feeds the smear that it is.

Subsequently, there was an assertion that Duke made an endorsement of Trump. As I feel that Duke is a negative attention seeker best ignored, I haven't investigated it nor do I really care. Would anyone think it a big deal if Charley Manson endorsed Clinton or Sanders? No. Some would get a laugh out of it, but no one would take it seriously.

Since Trump is now a political figure opposed by many on both the right and the left and trash TV sensationalism fuels the media, there was somewhat of a furor about the Donald and the Duke for a while, and it's expected that the left will flog that pony long after it lays down and dies. However, since unfounded allegation of racism has formerly been an exclusive leftist tactic to beat down the right, I find it curious that some conservative pundits are beating the pony too.

To put it another way by example, it will be inevitable that a very few of those who follow the Political Pistachio blog will be white supremacists. So, does it follow, by long distance, one way association, that those who contribute copy to the Political Pistachio blog are all a rabid collection of race hating bigots? That would be an unfair and false assertion. And, should those who contribute copy to the Political Pistachio blog begin and end every piece of copy with a comprehensive denouncement of white racism? Not at all.

Unfounded, unfair, false assertion of association with racists is a play to beat down those with whom one disagrees, and conservative pundits should lay off doing it on their own side of the isle because it lends credence to habitual, far left dispensation of falsity.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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