Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump Campaign Manager Charged With Battery Against Michelle Fields

by JASmius

I actually wouldn't be writing about this followup to Corey Lewandowski's assault on former Breitbart political reporter Michelle Fields - probably - because it's just that: a followup.  Miss Fields filed the battery charges several weeks ago, and it has reached the point in the criminal justice process where Trump's thug has been taken into custody, after which bail will undoubtedly be posted, and a trial date set:

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump campaign manager, was charged this morning with misdemeanor battery after allegations of forcefully grabbing a reporter at a Jupiter news conference, town police confirmed this morning....

Lewandowski turned himself in to Jupiter police just after 8 a.m., according to a police report....

Which, frankly, surprises me; I expected him to ignore the local police summons, given his tweets today and those of Trump (see below).

Fields, who Tweeted photos of bruises on her arm she said resulted from the battery, resigned [from] Breitbart less than a week after the incident. She cited Breitbart’s refusal to stand behind her amid the allegations as her reason for leaving.

The reason why I'm posting on this incident again is that, in the full frontal face of this incontrovertible evidence of Corey Lewandoswki beating up a woman and journalist in full few of witnesses, both he and Trump continue to deny it and malign the victim, Miss Fields:

@MichelleFields you are totally delusional. I never touched you. As a matter of fact, I have never even met you.

Wow, Corey Lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter. Look at tapes-nothing there!

Here's the vid:

It sure as shinola looks like there's "something" there - and it is exactly as Miss Fields and the WaPo's Ben Terris described it.

If Donald Trump were the "superior manager" he claims to be, one would have thought that (1) he'd have had Lewandoswki and his anger management problems vetted so as to know better than to hire him as his campaign manager in the first place, and at the very least (2) fired his ass after the Fields incident.  Heck, Ted Cruz canned his campaign spokesman Rick Tyler over nothing worse than an inaccurate Facebook post accusing Marco Rubio of something after Tyler had already apologized for it, speaking to the seriousness with which the respective candidates regard the concept of accountability.

But Donald Trump is not a "superior manager," he's a self-styled mafioso.  And so he gave Lewandowski the place of honor at his side during his Super Tuesday victory speech, conspicuously complimenting him during it for a "job well done," and just today released a statement delusionally insisiting that Lewandowski is "totally innocent".  A level of authoritarian willfullness and totalitarian Orwellianness approaching that of the current and supposedly out-going White House occupant.

But that's perfectly permissible if he's got an "R" after his name, we're supposed to believe.  Sorry, but I'll pass.

The Cruz campaign said it well in its own statement:

“Unfortunately, this abusive behavior seems to be part of the culture of the Trump campaign,” said Alice Stewart, Cruz campaign spokeswoman, in an email. “Personal attacks, verbal attacks, and now physical attacks have no place in politics or anywhere else in our society.”

Or at least, they didn't used to.

Captain Picard gets the last word....

UPDATE: There's never a low so low that Trump can't duck below it:

Victory press conference was over.
Why is she allowed to grab me and shout questions? Can I press charges?

So now we're to the point in this parallel quantum dimension where not only did Lewandowsky never come within a continent of Miss Fields, but she's Glenn Close to Trump's Micheal Douglas in Fatal Attraction.  And all at a time when his campaign may finally have struck the metaphorical iceberg from the whole Heidi Cruz/National Enquirer food fight, Trump overindulging in being Trump, his core self taking over his campaign in a blizzard of fecal Trumpiness drowning out and displacing his con game to such an extent that even his pet sychophants are struggling to ignore it.  It'd be a fitting way for his presidential scam to crash and burn, if it eventually does.

It's doing one remarkable thing, though: making Allahpundit philosophical:

I wonder how many voters will decide that the Trump circus is simply too exhausting to force the country to endure it day in and day out for four years. That’s another way in which the GOP was supposed to have an advantage over Hillary this year. If you’re looking for a national reprieve from endless drama and scandal, don’t vote for a Clinton is usually good advice. Except maybe [Mrs.] Clinton is actually the lesser of two evils on the ballot this year when it comes to headache-starting political carnivals. Somehow, faced with an opponent who’s widely disliked, who’s known for being a weak campaigner, and whose personal baggage is apt to sink her in a general election, we’re on the cusp of nominating a guy who’s disliked to a historic degree, who may not field a traditional campaign apparatus beyond what the RNC can cobble together for him, and who’s got forty years of tabloid dirty laundry for Democrats to sift through. They’re going to nominate the would-be first woman president and we’re going to nominate a guy who defends a friend who’s just been charged with battery against a young woman by hinting that maybe she put those bruises on herself.....I need a drink. [emphases added]

I, myself, am a lifelong teetotaler, but current events are causing me to wonder about that streak as well.

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