Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump's Son Threatened In Plot To Force His Dad To Quit Campaign

by JASmius

It wasn't me, Trumplicans - I wouldn't live in Man-f'ing-hatten if you gave me all the money Trump used to have, tax-free - and no, smartasses, it wasn't from National Review, either:

Law enforcement agencies are investigating a threatening letter containing white powder that was sent to Donald Trump's son, Eric, at his Manhattan residence that said the "GOP" presidential front-runner's children are in danger if he doesn't drop out of the race.

Like that would be enough to convince Trump to quit. <eyeroll> After all, with his legendary, insatiable virility, and the turnstile in his bedroom, he can always make more progeny where Eric Trump came from, right?

Sources told CBS News that the Secret Service, FBI, and New York Police Department are all involved in the investigation into the letter, which the younger Trump's wife opened at their apartment at Trump Park East, located at 100 Central Park South.

The powder has been sent to a lab for testing, but a source told CBS that a field test showed the substance did not appear to be hazardous, and nobody was injured....

The letter was received amid escalating protests at Trump's rallies, including "unrest" that resulted in his decision to cancel an event in Chicago last weekend.

In other words, #BlackLivesMatter brought a bigger mob than Trump's.  And is now, either them or their communist revolutionary fellow-travelers, borrowing other terroristic tactics from their Islamic Fundamentalist friends.  We do live in such "interesting" times.

This would be a highly opportune time for The Donald to take the advice of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and swear off and condemn ALL violence at his campaign rallies, wouldn't y'all think?  Having his son used as an extortion tool against him - it's probably happened to him before, given his mafia connections, but still - would give him at least short-term moral authority for this eminently noble and necessary task, yes?  Indicate that he's learned his lesson, given the reaction his exhortations to violence provoked (BLM would have shown up anyway, but Trumplicans' sucker-punches of black protesters gave them cover)?  Engender sympathy for his candidacy?  One would certainly think so.

That latter factor is the only thing likely to motivate Trump to do so, although doing something so publicly and conspicuously "politically correct" - taking advice from Mitch McConnell - could be the only thing that might cost him some Trumplican support, and he hasn't put Ted Cruz away yet.

Heck with it - expect a Trump "Rodney King" speech in the near future.  Being a casino-founder/owner/ruiner, he always has been a gambler, after all.

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