Sunday, March 13, 2016

World Leaders Asking To Endorse Hillary Clinton To Stop Trump

by JASmius

First of all, I'm more than a little baffled at why "world leaders" have to ask anybody's permission to back Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump; it's not as if they didn't make their "rooting" interest against George W. Bush in 2004 or for Barack Obama in 2008 abundantly clear.  It would seem to be just as cut & dried in this case.

Second, sure, they'd probably be mobilizing against Ted Cruz, too, but not anywhere near on this scale, because whereas the Texas senator's record as a modest interventionist is firmly and consistently established and our enemies would know that the unheard-of strategic buffet that is the Obama Doctrine (might be) closing, foreign allies have to be perceiving our country as unhinged for being about to nominate what they doubtless see as an unstable lunatic, and what our enemies will see as an easy mark.  Cruz would restore as much credibility and psychological deterrence as humanly possible, while Trump would be likely to incentivize pre-emptive attacks against the U.S.

Third, as I've said before and will have distressingly large numbers of opportunities to say again, I have no intention of voting for <shudder> Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders) under any circumstances, including to stop Trump.  My vote in that regard will not be necessary, as Trump's is a national candidacy equivalent to Barry Goldwater in 1964 and George McGovern in 1972, a historic, party-decimating blowout in the making.  Any who wish to throw that "not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary" fallacy are trolling and are in desperate need of some remedial logic courses.

I just hope for your sakes, Trumplicans, that you're prepared for stories like this one, because your crazy tantrum of a cause is accomplishing what I never imagined would ever have been possible: You're making Mrs. Clinton look moderate, reasonable, and even sympathetic:

World leaders are calling her privately to ask if they can endorse her presidential campaign in hopes of stopping Donald Trump, former [Commissar] of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday.

Teetering just inside the edge of plausibility, perhaps, since she was Obamerikastan's "top diplomat" and would retain a lot of those contacts and personal relationships.

A Trump presidency would hurt America's standing in the world, [Mrs.] Clinton argued.

Hard to see how that's even possible after she, John Kerry, and Barack Obama vaporized it - you can't hurt something you no longer have - but whatever.

"I am already receiving messages from leaders, and I am having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump," [Mrs.] Clinton said during a CNN Democrat forum. "And I am like, 'No, this is up to Americans, thank you very much."

"And I am like"?  Is that her idea of an attempt to pander to Millennials or is she really fluent in Valley Girl?  Regardless, this is your first clue that she's making this up, because she would never turn down ANY endorsement - even Trump's.  Either that, or she's accepted them, told them to keep them under wraps for now, and is lying like a rug about them.

When asked by forum moderator Jake Tapper if she'd liked to identify any of the leaders who have endorsed her, [Mrs.] Clinton declined.

Aaaaaaaaand that's your second clue.

Lotsa luck, Trumplicans, on defending your indefensible "lines" with a much smaller "force," a whole lot less intellectual firepower, and a brittle collective psyche nearly as unstable as Hairboy's.  You're making your bed, and #NeverTrump is going to make sure you lie in it alone.

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