Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Belgium: "ISIS Appears To Have Sent More Fighters To Europe"

by JASmius

Belgian "intelligence" appears to be almost as oxymoronic a term as German "intelligence," doesn't it?:

There are signs that more Islamic State inspired [jihadis]ts have been sent to Belgium and Europe, Belgian authorities said on Tuesday, maintaining the country's threat status at the second-highest level....

"There are indications that Islamic State has sent fighters to Europe and Belgium, the threat level which is currently at three will not go down," a spokesman of Belgium's crisis center said.

No stront....

Christus, what was their first guess?

Belgian actually reduced their threat level one step within forty-eight hours of the Brussels attacks, but they've kept it at the second level - "attack is possible and likely" - ever since, so I suppose that's some measure of vigilance.  Pity it had to come at such a stiffly bloody price.

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