Saturday, April 23, 2016

Franklin Graham Rips Trump's Opposition To North Carolina "No Perverts In The Bathroom" Law

by JASmius

It appears that Reverend Graham isn't buying The Donald's "Let the States decide" mulligan any more than I am:

The Reverend Franklin Graham slammed Donald Trump on his opposition to the North Carolina bathroom law, praising State officials for acting to "protect young girls, boys, and women from sexual predators and perverts."

"Men have no business using women’s bathrooms and locker rooms," Graham said Friday on Facebook. "Period."...

Amen, Reverend.

"He said that if [Bruce] Jenner came to Trump Tower, he could use any bathroom he wanted," Graham said in the Facebook post. "That’s Mr. Trump’s prerogative on his own property.

"But businesses and organizations shouldn’t be forced by law to allow men pretending to be women to use women’s restrooms.

"It's not up to us to decide our sex — God determines that," Graham added before ending with a portion of Genesis 5:2 from the Old Testament: "He created them male and female and blessed them." [emphasis added]

Amen again.  Are evangelical Trumplicans even paying attention, or have they perfected the art of partisanly selective perception?

Meanwhile, a north Florida school board is moving toward a gender impersonator bathroom ban:

A school board in north Florida plans to restrict access to school bathrooms based on a person's [actual] gender.

The Ocala Star-Banner reports that the Marion County School Board reached a consensus on Thursday on a resolution that would ban transgender students from using bathrooms for the gender with which they "identify".

i.e. The gender they're not.

The board plans to take a final vote next week.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

But there's a demoralizing caveat that will get this school board's policy "revisited" in the very near future:

The resolution states that "transgender people are not a protected class under federal or State law or under Marion County Public Schools policy."

At the accelerating rate at which American cultural deterioration is metastasizing in federal and State law - increasingly illegally - this is language I would absolutely have not included in the text of the Marion County School Board policy.  It almost sounds like they're implementing the policy to mollify local parents while giving themselves a fig leaf when "federal and/or State 'transgender' policy" changes and they immediately fold like a K-Mart deck chair, shrug, and say, "Hey, their policy changed, so it's out of our hands".

The overwhelming common thread throughout local government entities is that they want this cultural insanity to just go away.  They don't want to deal with it.  They Pontius Pilate-ly want peace and quiet at any cost.  And so they will far more often capitulate than take a principled stand.

Marion County Schools is the middle ground: a contingent stand that won't survive first contact with any pushback or resistance.  Is it better than nothing?  Only in the context of time.  Ultimately?  Unlikely.

Better throw it on Reverend Graham's - and our - prayer lists.

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