Friday, April 15, 2016

Germans Hold Muslim Benefits Hostage

by JASmius

Well, the land of my ancestors is committing cultural suicide and physical suicide, but at least they're hitting their Muzzie occupiers where they live:

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government agreed on Thursday to require [Muslim]s granted residence rights to show willingness to integrate by learning German and seeking work or see their benefits cut.

Not eliminated; just "cut".

Ending months of disagreement, Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), their conservative Bavarian CSU allies and the Social Democrats (SPD) hammered out a deal in the early morning hours for post-war Germany’s first law on integrating immigrants.

Which will fail because the influxing Muslims are not "immigrants," they're invaders and occupiers.

They also worked out new counter-terrorism measures....

....and agreed to relax rules giving European Union citizens priority in employment so [Muslim]s can enter the job market more easily.

 Oh, yeah, THAT'll get over with the indigenous German population.

The deal capped months of disagreement about how to handle over a million [Muslim]s....who poured into Germany last year. Those fleeing war in Syria and Iraq have the best chances of staying while economic [Muslim]s may be sent home.

Tomato, tomahto.  "Those fleeing war in Syria and Iraq" (for which Barack Obama is solely responsible) are bringing with them the predatory, imperialistic, bloodthirsty, demonic culture that spawned it.  Sooner or later the same war that is raging there will be raging all across Europe.  Something that more and more rank & file Euros are belatedly recognizing, even as the governments they keep idiotically electing stubbornly refuse to acknowledge it.  And that will lead, inexorably, to the same corrosive, dangerous, authoritarian "populism" that is fracturing our own country, and it will lead to "strongman" fascist regimes who will come to power on the promise of stopping the chaos and restoring internal and external security.  The "pound of cure" - or, really, more like "metric tonne" - that could have been averted with the "ounce of prevention", and the common sense God gives a door knob.

And Europe will come more and more to resemble....the pre-"Arab Spring" Middle East - in more ways than one.

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