Saturday, April 02, 2016

Here We Go: Obama Regime Threatens To Cut Off North Carolina Over "No Perverts In The Bathroom" Law

by JASmius

For every action, there is an equal and opposite BS tyrannical reaction.

That's not what Isaac Newton verbatim said, but if he was alive today, I'm sure that's how he would amend it:

The Obama administration is considering whether North Carolina’s new law on [homosexual] and transgender rights....

Stop the tape.  That is NOT what that law was about; it was about the right of everybody else not to have sexual predators receive an engraved invitation from the city of Charlotte to barge into the wrong bathroom (and lockerroom and shower stall) on them using "gay and transgender rights" as a cover.  It's the same basic principle as to why Muslim immigration needs to be cut off because it's been proven to be shot through with jihadists.  If the Regime wants to put an accurate label on the law, call it "North Carolina's new law on women's and children's rights".

Remember when liberalism was all about protecting and empowering children and women, respectively?  Good times, good times.

....makes the State ineligible for billions of dollars in federal aid for schools, highways and housing, officials said Friday.

The means by which constitutional federalism and Original State Authority in this country have been completely destroyed.

Cutting off any federal money — or even simply threatening to do so — would put major new pressure on North Carolina to repeal the law, which eliminated local [supremacizing of] homosexual and transgender people and restricted which bathrooms transgender people can use.

Yeah - just like the rest of us.  Because it's not a bleeping eliminatory buffet.

A loss of federal money could send the State into a budget crisis and jeopardize services that are central to daily life.

Then let the "services" be privatized.  That one sentence alone diagnoses the core problem, doesn't it?  Government at all levels has too much power.  Ever wonder why Florida Governor Rick Scott is talking like this?  Now you know.

The feds know that the fiscal cudgel works - that's why they enslaved the States to the chains of federal funding for this, that, the other thing, and everything in the first place.  Heck, look at how Disney, Marvel, and the NFL held Georgia hostage on its religious liberty protection bill.  Governor McCrory had to know that there was going to be federal retaliation for the State-level reassertion of common sense and decency.  That's why it frankly surprised me that he signed the "no perverts in the bathroom" bill into law.

Can the Regime carry out its threat?  Constitutionally, no, but nobody follows the Constitution as originally intended anymore, or even remembers that original intent.  Legally, yes, as the funds in question have already been appropriated by Congress, though one would like to think that since the "offending" law in question is contained and applies entirely within the State of North Carolina, and the federal government has no such "homosexual and transgender protections" on its own books, leaving nothing with which for the Tar Heel bathroom statute to conflict,

But this is the Obama Regime we're talking about, so there'll be no hesitations about hypocrisy or how such a jackbooted move would make them look.  And besides, with his 24/7/365 media protection and cheerleading, it's not as if O ever pays a political price for anything he does.

So the feds will cut off North Carolina, and the State legislature and Governor McCrory will - maybe not right away, maybe after a futile court challenge, but sooner or later - capitulate, repeal their bathroom protection law, and let the freaks and perverts have at their women and children.

In case any Trumplicans have managed to gin up enough intellectual curiosity to wonder, THAT is political correctness run amok.

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Anonymous said...

If NC loses federal funded will North Carolinians still have to pay federal taxes? Ridiculous to put demands of a few above protecting the vulnerable. Who wants to see naked men with lipstick prancing around in a women's locker room??