Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Obamagon: Suing The Saudis Will Jeopardize Phony War Against ISIS

by JASmius

Continuing his curious "lobbying" against an anti-Saudi 9/11 indictment bill that he can veto without any inordinate concern about it being subsequently overridden, Caliph Hussein, via his Obamagon, didn't help that effort by rolling out a really silly argument:

Pentagon and national security officials reportedly believe a bill that could hold the government of Saudi Arabia legally responsible for the 9/11 attacks would jeopardize the fight against al-Qaeda and ISIS.

That, of course, presumes, erroneously, that there's an actual "fight" against either one to jeopardize.

"We don't need this debate right now," an unnamed defense official tells the Daily Beast.

Eh.  Mayhap we do and mayhap we don't.  But we do need an actual full re-engagement in the War Against Islamic Fundamentalism.  Without it, there isn't anything of reality or substance for the anti-Saudi 9/11 indictment bill to jeopardize.

According to the Daily Beast, two unnamed former officials say the bill is a politically charged distraction at a "key point" in the anti-ISIS fight, while an unnamed current official claims any lawsuits against Saudi officials puts the blame in the wrong place.

And what "key point" would that be, aside from another demoralizing defeat and retreat?  Or does anybody really believe that the "Iraqi Army" has a prayer of retaking Mosul, even with potemkin U.S. tactical support?

"As far as I am concerned, Osama bin Laden attacked the United States," the official tells the Daily Beast.

 A pity that the Fourth World War with the Global Jihad is enormously bigger than the extent of one "former official's" concern and one man's murderous actions.  By that illogic, the "fight" was over five years ago when Seal Team Six offed OBL in his Pakistani porn stash, just like the Obama Regime said it was, and the anti-Saudi 9/11 indictment bill doesn't jeopardize anything except the U.S. dollar and economy.  Which is much more of a mortal threat to the country, inasmuch as a run on the dollar and its collapse as the world reserve currency would have a serious impediment to rejoining the struggle against the Global Jihad.

[Obam]agon and security officials argue Saudi Arabia is one of the best U.S. partners in the region, having arrested more than one thousand suspected jihadists in two years, and best able to spot potential terror attacks, the Daily Beast reports.

Other than 9/11, that is.  When it suits their purposes.  When it doesn't, well....

UPDATE: Gotta be tough for his infernal majesty to be treated like a mere commoner by his fellow "funny-named" despot.  And after getting backhanded by the Castros in the same day, too.  Man, the ingratitude of some people.  Have they forgotten that he's GODBAMA?  I wouldn't think he'd have ever let anybody lose sight of that.

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