Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rahm Emanuel Throws Chicago PD Under The Bus To Save His Own Ass

by JASmius

You could almost pity Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  Here is a man who is reaping the proverbial whirlwind from two opposite directions.  On the one hand, Chicago has among the most suffocating gun control laws in the country, guaranteeing that law-abiding citizens will be disarmed and unable to deter violent crime, while the criminal element will be guaranteed to be the only inhabitants who are armed, and have every incentive to use their weapons, both on the law-abiding and on each other.  The most likely interactive result of these two factors is an avalanche of gun violence, and sure enough, the Windy City is on a record pace for shootings and gun fatalities 2016 year-to-date.

But on the other hand, the Chicago Police Department has its own no-win scenario.  They can either be sidelined, like their counterparts in Baltimore were last year, and let the city remain an escalating homegrown war zone, or they can try to reassert the law and try to stem the mayhem, and inevitably wind up in confrontational situations with violent African-American suspects where the officer(s) on the scene have to shoot them, and possibly kill them.

And on the third hand (if you're a Triexian, anyway), the "Second City" was already besieged by the usual racist Black Klan charges of "racist police brutality" growing out of one such confrontation a year and a half ago that took the life of seventeen-year-old "armed young black man" Laquan McDonald, which didn't trigger the "Ferguson Effect" until a video of the incident surfaced, raising angry #BLM accusations against Da Mayor that he buried the footage until after he was safely re-elected to a second term in the interim.  Emanuel has been up the proverbial creek politically ever since, battling demands for his resignation and even criminal prosecution as, I'm guessing, an "accessory to mass racist murder" or some such.  Even scapegoating and sacrificing his police commissioner within the first hundred hours of the furor (after giving him a public vote of confidence and support, natch) didn't satisfy the incensed black mobs.

So, over the past four and a half months, as both conflicts raged in parallel, Mayor Emanuel's trapped position grew less and less tenable and more and more perilous.  Then, last week, another armed and extremely dangerous "young black man," teenager Pierre Loury was being chased by police, stopped, turned, took aim at the cops, and fired.  The police returned fire, and Loury was shot and killed.

Again, this is the inevitable result of runaway crime and police withdrawal and officially-mandated timidity.  Once the violence starts, only counter-violence as necessary can bring it back under control.  But as has become ubiquitous anymore, the public will not tolerate logic or reality or common sense, and Mayor Emanuel will not tolerate losing his prized job, so he has officially defected to #BlackLivesMatter and declared war on his own police department:

In a blistering report, a mayoral task force said police “have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to [colored people]” and have alienated blacks and Hispanics with the use of force and a longstanding code of silence.

Task force chairwoman Lori Lightfoot said the report was “not an indictment of the entire police department” but stressed that “a culture of accountability … is fundamentally lacking.”

Or, in other words, an indictment of the entire police department.  There's no other way to describe such broad-brush tarring.

The City Council approved more than $6 million in settlements stemming from the deaths of two men in police custody.

Aldermen confirmed Chicago Police veteran Eddie Johnson as superintendent in a city shaken by violent crime and deep-seated distrust of law enforcement....

The Police Accountability Task Force, created by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in December, released its report Wednesday, a scathing rebuke accusing the department of institutional racism and describing its accountability system as broken.

Or precisely what #BlackLivesMatter demanded that they admit last fall.  Almost as if BLM drew up their "confession" and forced Emanuel's task force to sign it upon threat of a second Chicago fire.

“The community’s lack of trust in CPD is justified,” the report said. “There is substantial evidence that [colored people] — particularly African-Americans — have had disproportionately negative experiences with the police over an extended period of time.

That that was mostly if not entirely attributable to "colored people" being disproportionately law-breaking is definitionally ruled out as a ready-made and flatly logical explanation.

“There is also substantial evidence that these experiences continue today through enforcement and other practices that disproportionately affect and often show little respect for [colored people].”

Because "colored people" disproportionately commit crimes, at least in Chicago, and the Chicago PD should not enforce the law against them, because it would be "racist" for them to be held to equality before and accountability to the law.  Just like in Baltimore and St. Louis and Cleveland and every other large, and eventually medium and small, American city, and town, and village, and hamlet, and finally every unincorporated area, until there is no police but the Obamastapo.

We know the drill by now.

During the last eight years, 74% of people killed or injured by Chicago police officers were African-American, the report said.

The task force found that 72% of people stopped by Chicago police in 2014 were African-American, and 17% were Hispanic.

And there should be racial quotas for all of that, meaning that if the Chicago PD has topped out its stop and kill quotas for a given year, they have to go honky-hunting in counter-dis-proportion to "even out the score" not just in the local present but for "make up for 219 years of slavery" as well.  That is the "logic" of this "[BLEEP] THE PIGS!!!" Task Force "report" that allows no other possible explanation for the numbers it produces.  Assuming they they themselves are not biased.

In a sane world - one without incessant leftwingnut "whirlwinds" - police "accountability," like responsibility, would be an individual thing, investigated on that basis, and those officers genuinely in the wrong would be disciplined proportionately and accordingly.  But that would require the rule of law and the blindness of true justice to prevail, and that would obviate the complete subordination of both to racist, communist revolutionary politics and its corrosive machinations designed to demoralize, erode, and destabilize "bourgeois"/"cracker" society, and soften it up for its eventual overthrow.

aka "Fundamental transformation".  Something in which Raum Emanuel cannot participate if he loses his electoral billet, the prevention of which was the common motivation for both the police coverup he orchestrated and the police evisceration in which he has collaborated.

Well, nobody ever said the man didn't have acting range.  He is a Democrat, after all.

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