Friday, April 01, 2016

Russia Expanding Nuclear Arsenal To Celebrate Obama Anti-Nuke Summit

by JASmius

I guess Vlad didn't want to get upstaged by the ChiComms.  And who can blame him?:

Russia is increasing the number of nuclear warheads in its arsenal by adding multiple, independently targetable reentry vehicles, or MIRVs, a [Obam]agon official said in a report by the Washington Free Beacon.

The buildup violates the New START arms treaty between the United States and Russia, which calls for a reduction in warheads by February 2018, said an official. [emphasis added]

i.e. Another of O's unenforceable "deals".  See how well they work?

The United States has decreased its arsenal in recent years while Russia has added deployed warheads and new weapons. The treaty limit is 1,550 warheads — the State [Commissaria]t in January said the U.S. was below the mark at 1,538, and Russia was above it, at 1,648.

The State [Commissaria]t said it can inspect the new MIRV missiles, but an official in the Beacon story said that is not the case. [emphases added]

The following conversation is getting closer all the time:

“I won’t use nuclear weapons. Ever,” said the President, confirming the opinion reached by the teams of Chi[Comm] and Russian intelligence analysts, psychologists and game theorists who had studied the Commander-in-Chief in preparation for that very moment. Deterrence only deters when the threat is credible.

“What are my other options?” asked the President. The general looked down, shuffling papers.

“We don’t have a conventional option.”

“The Army? The Marines?”

“There are a few units forward deployed, but we’ve brought most of our forces home. What we have left we can’t move fast enough and most of it is designed for counterinsurgency, not conventional warfare – we’ve cut our armored forces because they cost so much to maintain. And to move them we’d need foreign ships, but we can’t count on them. We can’t even count on the sea lanes being clear.”

“The Air Force doesn’t have bombers? Fighters?” the President asked.

“Not enough, and not modern enough to get through Chi[Comm] and Russian air defenses.”

The President turned to the [Commissar] of State. “What about our allies?”

“No commitments yet. In fact, there’s been no response from several key allies.”

“We invoked NATO Article 5, didn’t we? We’ve been attacked!” the President shouted.

“They don’t have any significant forces left. Even if they were inclined to assist…”

“Inclined?” asked the President, stunned.

“We need to understand that they may be making a calculated decision…”

The President did understand. “To go with the winner.”

No one spoke; the only sound was the noise of the 747’s [engines] until a communications officer spoke up.

“I have a video transmission off a Chi[Comm] satellite coming … to us. How did they get our communications data?” It was yet another security breach.

“Just put it onscreen,” ordered the President.

The transmission was a split screen, [Xi Jin-Ping] on the left, [Vladimir Putin] on the right. They were smiling.

“What do you want?” the President asked.

[Putin] spoke. “We want peace. We want justice. And that is why we are here to provide you the terms of your surrender.”

I hope those caves are radiation proof.

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