Monday, April 25, 2016

TSA Withdrawals To Facilitate Pre-Election ISIS Attacks In U.S.

by JASmius about five percent, anyway.

D'ya think maybe this story....:

Imagine breezing through airport security without being screened for guns, explosives and other contraband.

That scenario may sound improbable in the age of terrorism and high-tech weaponry, but it's exactly what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was mulling for some small airports across the nation....

The TSA plan, would affect between six and twenty-two small airports, appears to reflect budget concerns.

TSA [Untergrabber] Peter Neffenger told Politico that many small airports don't do regular flight schedules and airlines come and go. "You don't want to go in there and six months later have to pull it all back out," he said.

....might have any connection with this story?:

Terror groups like ISIS or al-Qaida could launch strikes within the U.S. to affect the presidential election this November, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Newsmax Monday morning.

I don't know that there is a connection there, but the educated theory, via logic, deductive reasoning, Occam's Razor connecting the dots, and the fact that ramping up national chaos that close to the election would provide, depending upon the magnitude of the jihadist attack(s), ample cover for Barack Obama to take all manner of power-consolidating steps, up to and including "temporary" martial law, is awfully powerful.

Which probably helps explain why congressional Republicans are trying to preemptively quash the TSA withdrawal:

"From a security standpoint, it makes no sense," said Representative Greg Walden, an Oregon Republican, told the political news website.

And Senator Jerry Moran, a Kansas Republican, told Politico: "I don't think most Americans would agree to get on a plane that's got forty-nine other passengers without a sense that everybody on that plane is safe to be with."

Allegedly the TSA is "backing down," but I wouldn't count on it.  There's simply too much "fundamental transformation" at stake.  Unless, of course, the GOP nominates Donald Trump, guaranteeing Hillary Clinton's election, in which case O has nothing to worry about and the TSA will probably back off.

Gotta maintain that 5% protection, after all.

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