Wednesday, April 06, 2016

We're All On ISIS's Kill List

by JASmius

First we heard about Minnesota's, and then New Jersey's, and now we come to learn what we really deep-down knew all along: Like Red Skull, ISIS's American kill list is....everywhere:

Islamic State jihadists are reportedly gleaning information from social media accounts to build "kill lists" of Americans overseas who can be stalked and targeted outside of a secure location.

The startling claim came during a Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee hearing, the Washington Examiner reports.

"One of the emerging tactics that ISIS in particular is trying to use is stalking and killing its foes, especially those who are affiliated with governments," Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Iowa GOP Senator Joni Ernst.

"What some of the followers and adherents of ISIS have tried to do is expose military personnel and their family members with personal data, addresses, etc.," Juan Zarate, a former deputy national security adviser under President George W. Bush told the committee.

"So there is a very real effort underway to at least threaten, if not put at risk, family members and personnel outside the bounds of classic security."

Nature always takes the path of least resistance.  Resources are not unlimited.  We can't protect everybody, everywhere (unless everybody is armed, anyway....).  ISIS knows this, and they know the asymmetrical psychological impact on warriors and law enforcers who put their lives on the line for a living of putting their loved ones in harm's way.  Ditto never being able to relax, never being safe, anywhere, at any time.  That is the epimote of "terror"ism in the microcosm, and it provides a huge bang for the buck, as ISIS doesn't have to kill everybody, but just enough of us to not just frighten all the rest but manipulate policy-makers to - knowing their enemy all too well - withdrawing U.S. forces and personnel from around the world, issuing travel bans to here or there, etc.  Back in old Iraq, before Barack Obama jihadized it, the only Americans ISIS's al Qaeda in Iraq precursors could kill is U.S. soldiers, and they had the nasty habit of shooting back and giving way better than they got.  With the universal kill-list strategy, and the "leaders" We the Infidels keep electing, they can slaughter a lot more of us AND force us to withdraw from anyplace they want us to at the same time.

Obamunism sure makes the Global Jihad more efficient, doesn't it?

Same thing with the miracle of social media.  Once you put something about yourself on the 'Net, it's there forever.  And the nature of social media doesn't encourage or reward discretion.  It's way too late for me, of course, as I've left my personal footprints from here to the old CompuServe Information Service almost a quarter-century ago (and earned myself more than one online physical threat for my troubles).  But discretion being the better part of valor is definitely something to consider for those of you youngin's who still retain your cyberanonimty.

Unless you're heavily armed, that is.

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