Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Christian Schools To Be Forcibly Transgenderized

by JASmius

C'mon, you didn't think this latest gutter-depths-plumbing was going to stop at public restrooms and lockerrooms, did you?  As with every leftwingnut push, this isn't about equality, or even just dominance, but about universality.  Not only must the enemy be defeated, not only must the enemy be dominated, not only must the enemy be wiped out - the enemy must be turned into them.

The HuffPo has already "transitioned" God The Son.  Now the Obama Regime is starting in on His followers:

The bathroom wars are consuming a huge amount of space and time in all our minds. Many parents are hoping to be able to strategically side-step the whole issue of which bathrooms are for what groups and how to keep all kids safe by sending their children to religious, private schools.

Oh, what silly and naive people.

This side-step may not be possible for long. The Obama administration is investigating a school in Wisconsin for sending home letters telling parents and students that they expect students to live within Christian values while at school.

Shocking for Christian parents sending Christian students to a Christian school, I know.  The same jackbooted rainbow thugs would utter narry a peep if it were Muslim parents sending Muslim students to a Muslim school, or queer "parents" sending queer students to a queer school, or gender impersonator "parents" sending gender impersonator students to a gender impersonator school, or pretty much any "right tribe" demographic, but Christians are not, nor are we ever to be, accorded that same courtesy.

This is a private Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod school that serves a tiny group of students—from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade they have 147 students and ten teachers.

Nope.  There's officially no such thing as Christian privacy, even in a ghetto sense.

In February the school instituted some new policies that sparked a complaint from [who else?] the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

What do you think the Left would have to say about a Freedom From Islam Foundation, or a Freedom From Sin Foundation, or a Freedom From Leftwingnuts Foundation, or a Freedom From Homosexuality Foundation, or a Freedom From Gender Dysphoria Foundation, or....?

These policies include having parents provide a birth certificate (with the child’s sex on it)....

Oops!  I bet they didn't let the children "choose" their sex, did they?

....and signing a handbook that gives the school the right to discipline students for exhibiting sinful behavior.

Which is asking the parents' permission, since the children belong to their parents, not the school, and if the parents deny the school that permission, they can withdraw their children and send them someplace else.  A concept once known as "freedom of association".  Or the Freedom From Coercion Foundation.  Which is also now officially outlawed.

The school principal explains their rationale as, “If we cannot legally refuse students who are struggling with homosexuality or gender identification, we must maintain our right to hold to the truths of God’s Word.

A right that "we" officially no longer possess.

In other words, although we do not have the right to refuse admittance to people choosing an outwardly sinful lifestyle, we do maintain the right to discipline and dismiss students for these choices.”

Oh, no, you don't.  And we all know why:

St. John’s accepts federal money to provide subsidized school lunches, transportation help, and other federal programs. This money provided an opening for the federal complaint.

As it always shall.  Accept a single red cent of federal money, accept the federal yolk, federal control, federal servitude.  That's always been the point of federal money: They who provide the gold make the rules.  And when those who provide the gold (that they previously stole) are debauched tyrants, those rules will be unjust and despicable by definition.

And so this Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod school will either stop accepting federal money, keep accepting federal money, knuckle under, and convert to paganism (and chemical and surgical mutilation), or keep accepting federal money, try to resist, and be destroyed.  Defeat or martyrdom.  There are no other options.

If you ever wondered what that biblical passage "In the last days, perilous times will come" would look like, now you have your answer.

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