Friday, May 06, 2016

Germans: Islam Has No Place In Our Culture

by JASmius

Xenophobia is a general distrust and dislike of "foreigners".  That is not a reasonable or logical or rational position to hold.  It is paranoia.  Not every outsider is necessarily out to get us or inflict harm.  We have to actually make those assessments on a case by case basis.

"Islamophobia," by contrast, is not paranoid, but is entirely reasonable, logical, and rational, because both culturally and violently, Muslims have amply demonstrated that they are out to get us, to inflict harm, to conquer us by degrees and by force and turn us into them.  Or kill us if we will not cooperate.

It's that former guise that is the more difficult to resist.  "Islam is a 'peaceful' religion" they will argue, "and we have freedom of religion, so you can't keep them out and you have to leave them alone".  An assertion that Christian business-owners and anybody who needs to go to the john at a Target outlet can't really take seriously, but that nobody is permitted not to when it comes to Mohammedans - who have this annoying habit of never "leaving US alone".  The Director has posted many times about the subversion process of a targeted "infidel" society as the percentage of its Muslim population grows.  It's the classic frog in the boiling pot scenario.  If the Muzzies move gradually enough, by the time the natives realize what's happening to them, they're already functional dhimmis, and it's too late.

That is what Barack Obama is facilitating here in the United States, but ours is a huge country that is not connected by land with the Middle East, as Europe is, so we're not as vulnerable to the sort of mass invasion that has befallen them.  Correspondingly, and Trumpmania not withstanding, a mass movement rejecting Islam and Muzzie colonization is correspondingly more difficult to gin up here.

But in Ground Zero of the Muslim invasion of Europe?  It's already in full swing:

More than half of Germans surveyed in a shock poll say there is “no place for Islam” in their nation’s political system.

The results hint at a dramatic changing attitude of the nation's population towards the religion over the past year, which has seen the arrival of more than one million [Muslim]s.

Again, to provide a bit of perspective, that's the equivalent of between four and five million Muslims landing on our soil overnight - roughly twice the population of Chicago - randomly interspersed throughout our States and cities and neighborhoods, with the standard 10% or so - a half-million strong - being violent jihadists.  And that may or may not include the roving rape gangs.

That's what the Germans have endured thanks to Chancellor Angela Merkel's insane "Kommen in, Muslime, und uns grundlegend umgestalten" policy.

In January, 37% of people said Islam did have a place in Germany, but this has dropped to just 22%, according to figures released by tabloid Bild.

Meanwhile 60% of voters said "there is no place for Islam" in German politics.

Attitudes toward the religion appear to reflect fear of so-called Islamisation - with 46% of Germans saying they were concerned their country would be taken over by proponents of political Islam.

Really?  Gosh, what could possibly have given them THAT impression?


Not so remarkably, the German people are proving to be less insane than their long-time leader:

It comes after Alternative for Germany (AfD) launched its election manifesto calling to ban the burka and claiming Islam is “not part of Germany”.

The manifesto, entitled "Islam is not part of Germany", was agreed in a vote of around 2,400 party members.

The results come amid an increasingly fractious debate over [Islamic Fundamentalism] in Germany, sparked by Angela Merkel's ill-fated open door asylum policy.

This has pushed voters into the embrace of right-wingers like the anti-immigrant AfD party which scored big in regional elections in March and which now threatens Merkel's CDU conservatives at the general election in the autumn of next year.

Shocking opinion polls delivered a crushing blow to the German Chancellor as it was revealed Merkel's conservatives lost in two out of three state elections. Germans appear to be punishing her accommodative refugee policy.

Because it's getting them assaulted, raped, killed, and relegated to de facto second-class citizen status in their own country at the behest of their own government, yes.  That's not "right-wing," it's simple survival and common sense.

The home invasion analogy is always instructive.  Let's say you're seated in your prized recliner in your living room on a fine Friday morning in early May clacking away on your laptop composing a post about Germans understandably rejecting Islam when a mob of rag-headed people show up outside your house and demand to be let in, knocking and pounding and ringing your doorbell.  You'd feel besieged in your own home already, wouldn't you?  Then they throw a brick through one of your windows and forcibly climb in and accost you with demands to feed them and put them up in your house permanently like you'd been drafted into the bed & breakfast guild.  Then they start taking down your decorations and rearranging your furniture and evict you from your prized recliner and lock you in the basement after taking away your laptop and re-writing your post to glorify "the prophet of Islam".  And later you come to find out that it was your mortgage company who told them where you live.

That's essentially what's being done to the land of my ancestors.  And whaddaya know?  They don't like it.  And they're attempting to do something about it.

I'm no fan of "reactionary-ism".  But that's because reactionaries are typically over-emotive, anencephalitic morons.  The reaction of the German people, though, is entirely reasonable, logical, and rational.  And it is one that Angela Merkel had better heed, if she even wants to make it to the fall of 2017 with her fett (politisch) arsch intact.

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