Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Here We Go: Obama Regime Declares North Carolina "No Perverts In The Bathroom" Law "Illegal"

by JASmius

Remember three weeks ago when North Carolina GOP Governor Pat McCrory started retreating on his State's "No Perverts In The Bathroom" law by sacrificing pretty much every part of that women- and children-protecting statute (perhaps unconstitutionally) save that core prohibition?  Remember how I issued the following warning back then:

It's like McCrory's throwing everything else but the bathroom provisions overboard in order to keep that lone part of it. Which, of course, will never be enough to satisfy the perverts and their swinging sympathizers, who'll just see it as more blood in the water....

At the rate it's being dismantled, I wouldn't expect that last line of defense to last very long. Not with everybody from Bruce Springsteen to Paypal to the NBA to Deutsche Bank declaring economic war, outwardly on the Tar Heel State, but in reality on the women and children of North Carolina whom they demand be put back in harm's way.

It's difficult to believe that Governor McCrory doesn't grasp that appeasement never works. He'd be better off letting the pervert supporters go their own way and North Carolina theirs. Something tells me they'd be back eventually, perhaps with a new found respect - that he'll now most likely never attain. [emphases added]

You know that "blood in the water"?  Here comes the Great Mulatto shark:

A North Carolina measure intended to [protect women and children against gender impersonators] violates federal law, the U.S. [Inj]ustice[, Revenge & Coverup Commissaria]t told the State’s Republican governor.

Translation: A North Carolina measure that requires recognition of genetic reality and protects women and children from sexual predators who use gender impersonation to gain easier access to their intended victims.  I'm baffled as to why Tar Heel 'Pubbies didn't spin the law that way from the beginning, as it is both (1) true and (2) jiu-jitsues leftwing propaganda templates against them.

In March, North Carolina lawmakers passed, and Governor Pat McCrory signed, a bill overriding local laws intended to [give special, unconstitutional rights to gender impersonators] in employment and in public accommodations such as bathrooms. The law requires [gender impersonators] to use public restrooms corresponding to the [actual gender].

Which would still allow them to prey on children of their own sex, so I'm not sure about what they have to complain.

The [Inj]ustice[, Revenge & Coverup Commissaria]t sent McCrory a[n Executive Order] Wednesday saying the legislation violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act by "discriminating" against [gender impersonating] State employees.

Who now have the "constitutional right" to "recruit" to their heart's content, evidently.

It gave State officials until May 9th to confirm that they won’t implement the law, according to a [commissaria]t official who asked not to be identified commenting on the letter reported earlier by the Charlotte Observer....

Told you it was an imperial decree.

McCrory’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. He has said he is open to modifying the law but that its purpose has been mischaracterized for political gain. In a video released in late March, he said North Carolina had been “the target of a vicious nationwide smear campaign” by politicians “from the White House to mayors to State capitals.”

Which is why you should never have given an inch of ground on it, Governor.  Because they're going to rip miles of it from your grasp regardless.  These animals cannot be appeased.

State Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger, a Republican, said in a Wednesday statement that the [Inj]ustice[, Revenge & Coverup Commissaria]t [command] is “a gross overreach.”

Indeed it is.  So do something about it: Restore the "No Perverts In The Bathroom" law to full effect and nullify the White House diktat.  Make them send federal troops into North Carolina to escort freaks and perverts and weirdos into the wrong bathrooms like President Eisenhower did when schools were desegregated sixty years ago.

Propaganda is largely about pictures, after all.  If the Left wants to draw the disgusting parallel between legitimate civil rights and this kind of outrageous, "world turned upside down" debauchery, let them own all of it and be seen doing it.

Or an el primo example of what I mean by "fighting smart".

Pity there's already so much "chum" in the water that Pat McCrory can walk on it.

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