Wednesday, May 11, 2016


By Allan McNew

[Part One

Again, this is about how the Republican Party has destroyed itself rather than being a plug for Trump.

Those within the overall progressive-socialists movement tend to put aside whatever personal dislike they have for one another and work together. Take “Latino activists” for example, there are those who are willing to car pool hundreds of miles to an event, berating each other all the way there about lack of commitment to the cause, beat drums and yell “racist” all day long, then berate each other for lack of commitment for hundreds of miles all the way back. Then do it all over again in a couple of days or the next weekend.

While some of it spills out, progressive-socialists try to keep their differences among themselves and present a unified front to their opposition.

On the other hand, not a few self described conservatives within and without the Republican party believe they have a lock on defining political truth and citizen virtue and aren't shy about pushing their narrow definition on everyone else.

From right wing pundits to conservative activists to Republican politicians the slightest disagreement over what “conservative values” are or how to conduct political strategy is cause for writing the errant out of the will, for disassociation, to be taken off the list, to be relegated to those whose names are spoken only as an example of evil, traitorous apostasy. It would hardly be more ludicrous to intone “let not his shadow be cast in this town again” and cross the street to avoid walking near a political heretic.

I've seen it for years. Republican politicians who functionally resemble circus clowns leaping out of a jalopy to chase each other around the ring with firecrackers, large rubber mallets and seltzer bottles while the political left outwits and outmaneuvers them at nearly every turn. They are masters at the curious art of pulling defeat out of the victory basket.

When they run for office, they hurl scurrilous anathemas and vicious slander at one another. One would think that ax murdering, child devouring necrophiliacs oppose one another on the Republican ticket from the way they rip and tear one another. By the time one Republican candidate knifes the other off the ticket they have often failed to address the Democratic opposition, which has set the narrative by having used their very own Republican against Republican sewage barrage against them in negative ads, talking points and speeches for previous months while most everyone else is utterly disgusted by how Republican candidates smear one another.

Self described conservatives seem to reserve their vitriol for one another rather than for progressive-socialists who viciously rip self described conservatives to slanderous shreds from behind.

What have Republican politicians done in Congress over the last eight years?

The people made them a majority in the House, whereupon they let Harry Reid drive the narrative. They were scorched by the left as “do nothing obstructionists from the party of no” while they did nothing to turn the narrative back to Senator Reid, who sat on a veritable mountain of house
bills submitted to the Senate.

Then they also became the majority in the Senate, where instead of clotheslining Reid, they continue to let Reid bottle up legislation in the Senate. There needs to be a mountain of legislation piled on
Obama's desk so he becomes “the President of no” and gets carpel tunnel from wielding his veto pen while having no time for his executive order phone. But, they aren't doing that, in part because their legislation is destined to be vetoed so they rationalize why do all that work for what they think is nothing, which lets both political sides denounce them for being “do nothing Republicans in Congress”. So, Obama continues to end run Congress, slap them in the face with the United Nations like old time comedians smacked each other with large fish when it suits him and
he still has time to hang out on the golf course.

It seems to me Republican Congressmen focus on fighting each other, there doesn't seem to be much activity out of Senate Republicans, and I don't see much evidence of either one taking on Obama's run away BS like they promised.

And so, their alligator mouths on the campaign trail gives way to their hummingbird asses on Capitol Hill.

The above is merely one more of several ways the Republican Party has destroyed itself.

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