Monday, May 09, 2016

Illegal Immigration Ginip-Ginop

by JASmius

This is a fundamental, temperamental way in which I differ from Tea Partiers: A story like this just enrages them insanely further (the "patient zero" factor of the mass psychosis that is Trumpmania), while I read it, shake my head, and cynically laugh.  It's the difference between "FIGHT!  FIGHT!  FIGHT!"ing yourself mad (which one has to be to fall for the Trump con) and knowing when you're licked:

A man deported from the United States at least four times since 2000 — each time following an arrest in Delaware — was arrested here again in February, this time with a bag of cash, according to a document made public by the FBI.

Wilmington police suspected that Richard Diaz-Garcia, a citizen of the Dominican Republic, was in the United States illegally after he was arrested February 1st in Newark, Delaware, about fifteen miles away, according to court records.

Officers seized $5,000 that Diaz-Garcia held in a black bag, and $393 that he had in his pockets, according to the FBI document. Wilmington Police spokeswoman Andrea Janvier did not respond to requests for comment about the arrest, and why it reportedly took place in Newark.

Garcia is a cocaine dealer, for what it's worth, and in case you were wondering why he was carrying so much cash in what has largely become a cashless society.

This case illustrates several realities about illegal immigration.

1) Deportation is pointless if you can't keep illegals from coming back in.  And whaddaya know?  Trump's immigration proposal calls for deporting all illegals, and then letting the vast majority of them back in under "comprehensive immigration reform" auspices - i.e. "touchback amnesty".  All pain, in other words, and no gain.

2) TrumpWall is the immigration equivalent of the Maginot Line, a stationary barrier that can be easily bypassed and overtopped in the absence of "comprehensive" border control and security - which Trump doesn't intend to have constructed anyway, or he wouldn't make it contingent on Mexican financing that is never, ever going to materialize.

3) If illegals want to come here bad enough, we can make it more difficult for them to do so - and we should - but ultimately, we cannot stop them.

Garcia's motivation for his passive invasion recidivism?  What else?  His U.S. "anchor" family (You know, the sort that Barack Obama insists we can't "break up"), which happens to reside in Delaware:

Diaz-Garcia kept returning to Delaware because he had a girlfriend, who may now be his wife, and two children in the First State, his lawyers said in 2008.

Diaz-Garcia feared for his family's well-being and came back after getting panicked calls from his wife, he said in 2008. Court records show that Diaz-Garcia had been caught trying to enter the United States as a stowaway on a vessel that docked at the port in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The U.S. immigration "system" is like a boat with a hole in the bottom of it.  Trumpigration would drill another hole in the boat to let the water run out while pretending to take it out of the water altogether.

It may be time to come to grips with the reality that our immigration "system" isn't just "broken," but that Barack Obama has "fixed" it beyond repair.  Remember how the Cloward-Piven process works: Overload the system until it collapses and generates a crisis for the Left to exploit.  I would say that thirty million illegals - ten percent of the total number of people living in the U.S. - comes pretty close to, and more likely across, that threshold.  There is plainly and simply no practical, much less political, way to deport that many people.  Even the Mitt Romney "self-deportation" technique of using economic incentives - i.e. "Stop giving them free stuff" - would only go so far.  Hence the argument for a "path to citizenship" for the "good ones".  Which Trump has already said he would support, and would make that betrayal so gosh darn entertaining to behold.

As I say, resigned, cynical laughter beats insatiable, irrational rage any day of the week and six times on Sunday.  Because, as the Garcia story dismally indicates, when it comes to illegal immigration, we really are well and truly licked.

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