Thursday, May 19, 2016

Muslim Mayor in Calgary, too

By Anita in Canada

In response to the London Muslim Mayor story:



We have a Muslim for a mayor here in Calgary as well. Very Leftist. Very commie.

He does not seem to cavort with other Muslims to any big extent. Hardly ever in fact in public. At the mosques we do not know.

But he is very Gay. It was the 20 something crowd that voted him in. He used to be a teacher at a college. He is very left wing. He is nuts!!!

He started the gay pride parade and [flew the] gay flag over city hall.

And has an ego the size of our whole province. Always mouthing off about someone or something. No common sense. Thinks budgets are something to be avoided.

Anyone over 40 hates him. We want him gone. Some of the crazy ideas he comes up with are nuts.

He is in favor of Agenda 21 and that stuff. Loves bike lanes which are never used.

Calgary is too cold in the winter for anyone to venture out on them. And even in nice weather you hardly ever see them being used. What a waste of mega millions of dollars. Upset the entire city to paint bicycle lanes everywhere. Crap!!! Has really hindered vehicular traffic.

He is close to 49 I think. And still lives in his parents basement with his sister. Also something fishy with his sister has been hinted at. Imagine a mayor still living in his parents basement. He has never had to pay a bill in his life yet he thinks he can dictate what people should pay for things. Nuts.

Like every other politician he was also voted in for a second term. Whats with all the BAD politicians all getting second terms.???

He was asked to be a guest at that big boys Bilderberg club where they choose future leaders. God help us.

Don't think he has ever done anything good for our city except waste big money on the stupidest things like expensive ugly art work in water treatment plants. Lots of waste like that. WTH??? Yup lots of stupid spending. Never any worthwhile spending.

The mayor before him had zero security guards. This muzzie bozo has 18 security guards. He almost had a fit when he got death threats in the past. LOL.

He decided that the alderpersons needed counseling. Really. So hired some counselors. Has also hired an ethics person. The worst unethical person is he himself.

Mayors can run as many terms as they want here. We are screwed. Cause nobody is running against him.

He looks like a fat greasy person with greasy hands.

Us Calgarians are screwed at the city level the provicial level and the federal level. Everyone unemployed. Except nurses and teachers. Who are sooo overpaid it would turn your stomach.

Ooh and the premier (lizard) has increased her LEFT staff from 900 to 3000 in just 12 months. Scary. None of those workers have to do anything to collect their paychecks.

The huge fire up north has upset the economy of our province for many years to come. The fires are still burning as I write this. But some residents will be allowed to go home in a couple of days. All wildlife didn't make it. Anyone with an aquarium has lost all that. One nice kid probably around 12+ had a HUGE aquarium set up worth probably over 40000+ - all gone. There might be a video of that. Poor kid - your heart really goes out to him in a big way.

The really amazing thing is that cars driving through the fire did not explode on the roads. Although hundreds of cars quit working and people had to hitch rides with strangers to evacuation centers.

I think of all the people with asthma. How in the heck did they survive.

I've talked your ear off. Sorry. Take care.

God Bless.


Editor's Note: If the Calgary Mayor is Muslim and Gay, doesn't he have an Islamic duty to hate himself?  From what I have gathered, he's not gay, but he marches in gay pride parades.

He still lives in his mother's basement?  What's wrong with that?  -- Howard Wolowitz

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