Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Terrorism Fears Grow As Muslim "Refugee" Screening Gutted

by JASmius

Remember two and a half weeks ago when Barack Obama quietly switched his Syrian "refugee" "surge" into maximum overdrive?  Looks like he didn't do it quietly enough:

The Washington Free Beacon reports security-conscious lawmakers wary that current vetting procedures aren't enough to handle the influx are pressing the administration to rethink the plan.

"We know the eighteen- to twenty-four-month vetting process for Syrian refugees has severe vulnerabilities after FBI Director James Comey warned about the federal government's inability to thoroughly screen Syrian refugee applicants for terrorism risk — and after the [Commissaria]t of Homeland [Ins]ecurity's investigative arm warned about ISIS's capability to print fake Syrian passports for terrorist infiltration," Illinois GOP Senator Mark Kirk tells the Free Beacon.

"Given that the administration has not explained to the American people whether and how it fixed these and other known vulnerabilities to terrorist infiltration, it is highly irresponsible for the administration to reduce the eighteen- to twenty-four-month vetting process for Syrian refugees down to three months to meet its artificial and ideologically-driven goal of bringing ten thousand Syrian refugees onto U.S. soil by September." [emphases added]

In other words, there really never was a vetting process in the first place, and the Regime is just being six to eight times as openly brazen about it.

Kirk's recently introduced "Defend America Act" aims to enhance screening measures to prevent terrorists from taking advantage of the refugee program.

Which, if it ever passes both houses of Congress, will be met with the usual Obama veto, as transparently disclosed by the indignantly oblivious retort from Foggy Bottom:

But the State [Commissaria]t insists the vetting process is "robust" — and safe.

"The United States remains committed to the president's plan to resettle ten thousand Syrian 'refugees' and eighty-five thousand 'refugees' overall to the United States in fiscal year 2016," an unnamed official tells the Free Beacon.

"This projected increase in arrivals from around the world, from seventy thousand in each of the last three fiscal years, will not curtail any aspects of the process, including its robust security screening."

Which has been shrunken by six- to eightfold.  That is the antithesis of "robust".

"As we have said, neither this program nor any of our efforts to expand processing capacity curtail any aspects of the security, medical, or other screening," the official added.

Which is, and cannot be anything else but, a baldfaced lie:

One unnamed congressional source is skeptical.

"The administration's repeated assertions that the vetting process is 'robust' doesn't provide any real assurances about a dangerously flawed vetting process that has allowed terrorists to infiltrate refugee flows from high-risk countries in the Middle East into the United States," the source tells the Free Beacon.

It provides no real assurances because it can't.  Just as how they don't bother to try to explain how and why the "robustness" of the "vetting process" can be undiminished despite being reduced to such a risibly compressed time frame.

Because there isn't any "vetting" process and never was.  Just Barack Hussein Obama's determination to Islamicize America.

Which makes this other side of the Regime's mouth so gosh darn....inconvenient:

ISIS could pull off a deadly Paris-style attack in the United States by using local terror cells to target multiple locations simultaneously, according to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

In an interview with CNN, the nation's top intelligence official concedes the jihadists "do have that capacity."

"That's something we worry about a lot in the United States, that they could conjure up a raid like they did in Paris or Brussels," he said, referring to last November's attacks in Paris that killed at least 130, and the strike in March that left thirty-two dead.

Evidently not.

And, like those assaults, Clapper predicted that any attack by ISIS in the United States would "either infiltrate people or incite people who are already here." [emphasis added]

They're Islamicizing the country and they're telling us they're doing it.  With a leer on their face and a twinkle in their eye.  And as always, there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Exit question: Remember how I've predicted for several years that Barack Obama will pull some stunt to justify overstaying his time in power, whether triggering a second financial panic or facilitating another 9/11 or worse, the latter of which would trigger the public's "rally around the flag" compulsion that always works to the political benefit of the sitting POTUS?  Why all of a sudden has the conventional "wisdom" suddenly shifted to such a scenario benefiting Donald Trump?  Don't people want experienced, steady hands at the helm in times of national crisis?  Have they forgotten who would be exploiting it before The Donald could ever get the chance?

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