Saturday, April 16, 2016

Obama Quietly Switches Syrian "Refugee" "Surge" Into Maximum Overdrive

by JASmius

Seven months ago Barack Obama announced his Syrian "refugee" influx downpayment, vowing to import ten thousand jihadist-infested Muslims by the end of FY 2016, with many more, of course, to subsequently come.

But not to worry, my fellow "Islamophobes," he assured us there would be a long, tough, vigorous "vetting" process that would work something like this:

At the end of this twelve to eighteen month cavity and fuse search, if and ONLY IF they passed this ruthlessly and rigorously vigorous painstik gauntlet, the Muzzie "refugees" would be allowed onto the fruitless plain.

Of course, in reality, the above process, at least with the Obama Regime running it, is a more or less worthless sieve.  But it sure sounded convincing, which was its only real purpose, not unlike O's phony "war" against ISIS.

There's just one problem, from the White House point of view: Even this faux tough vetting process has been taking too long, with only a little over an eighth of the target quota having been cleared for entry into the country halfway through the fiscal year.  So now all false pretense of a vetting process of any sort is being abandoned, and the floodgates are being thrown open to make up for lost time - complete with mockingly ironic nomenclature:

The State [Commissaria]t says it has fallen behind schedule in meting Obama’s goal partly due to a lack of personnel available to interview refugees.

It is now doing a “surge operation” in Amman, Jordan, that is designed to process the rest of the Syrian refugees in as little as three months and leave them enough time to get to the U.S. before September. [emphasis added]

Remember when the term "surge" used to refer to pouring U.S. soldiers into the war against the Global Jihad in order to overwhelm and crush this enemy?  Good times, good times.  Now it means pouring the enemy into our communities, our streets, our homes until we are overwhelmed and crushed, in both violent and cultural jihad terms.  Not as quickly as in the first "surge" definition, but just as inevitably and certain.

Representative Ryan Zinke (R-MT), a former member of SEAL Team Six, has noticed, and not passively, either:

Representative Ryan Zinke (R-MT), who co-authored a bill to pause and bolster the refugee screening process, called State’s surge operation “unsecure” and said Obama should shut it down immediately. 
“This will inevitably put our nation and our citizens at risk for future terrorist attacks,” he said in a recent statement.

Zinke pointed to the Paris terrorist attacks in November, in which one of the attackers used a fake Syrian passport to pose as a refugee, possibly because his real identity was on a watch list.

He also accused administration officials of using “bait and switch tactics” to ease public concern and reassure that screening refugees takes at least a year.

Putting our nation and our citizens at risk for future terrorist attacks is, of course, the whole point.  There can be no other logical purpose to this crazy policy in light of the very things taking place all across Europe.  Whereas German authorities are at least begging incompetence - claiming it never occurred to them that ISIS might be infiltrating the "migrant/refugee" stream inundating their country - King Hussein is making no pretense of his back-patting, self-high-fiving, self-righteous, halo-polishing perfidy in deliberately importing his bloodthirsty allies onto American soil, from there to disperse to wreak murderous mayhem across the country. And, of course, the main reason it's being done quietly is that his press propagandists won't cover it.

But the results will not be quiet. Oh, no.  Nor will they be long in coming.

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