Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trump Campaign Selects White Nationalist As California Delegate

by JASmius

Putrescence and incompetence - or, in other words, Donald's Trump's version of "classy multitasking".

First, the putrescence:

The apparent ineptitude of the Donald Trump campaign has resulted in the selection as one of the [hairy] huckster’s delegates in California a notorious white supremacist leader.

William Johnson, the leader of the American "Freedom" Party — a group that promotes white nationalism — was chosen as one of the presumptive GOP nominee’s [Pyrite] State delegates, according to a list of Republican delegates for the party’s upcoming primary obtained by Mother Jones magazine.

Johnson had reportedly applied directly to the Trump campaign to be a delegate and was apparently accepted earlier this week.


Did TrumpWorld own and admit this latest in a long line of blunders, or even take steps to rectify it?

Aaaaaaand here's the incompetence.  Or, "Trump gotta be Trump":

In a series of emails to the Daily News, however, the Trump campaign first flatly denied the report altogether, then later said Johnson’s name was only included as the result of a “database error.”

i.e. The "counter-punch" reflex kicked in, THEN they did their belated due diligence, found their mistake, and THEN the "make BS excuses" reflex kicked in.  Somebody needs to inform these animals that in the Oval Office, you don't get mulligans.

Initially, Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told the Daily News that the Mother Jones “report is totally false.”

“He has not, nor will he be, selected as a delegate,” Hicks said of Johnson.

But when the Daily News pointed out that Johnson was indeed listed on the California Secretary of State’s website as a delegate, Hicks said he had been included because of a “database error,” though she did not immediately clarify whether she was blaming an internal campaign error or the California Secretary of State’s office.

Ah, so TrumpWorld DID know that a white nationalist was among its slate of California delegates, cared enough to return his campaign contribution but not enough to purge his name from their database, and was lying about it, assuming that the NYDN had no proof, and when the latter did, Miss Hicks moved on to her backup lie.  My, but the plot does thicken.

“Yesterday the Trump campaign submitted its list of California delegates to be certified by the Secretary of State of California. A database error led to the inclusion of a potential delegate that had been rejected and removed from the campaign’s list in February 2016,” she responded.

But despite all of the above, a white supremacist's presence on Trump's California delegate list WAS a vetting error, right?

Wasn't it?


He helped make robocalls to voters in the critical early-voting State of Iowa in January, encouraging them to support the brash [m]illionaire.

“I am William Johnson, a farmer and a white nationalist. Support Donald Trump. I paid for this through the super PAC,” he said in one of the calls. “This call is not authorized by Donald Trump.”

Thus continues the pattern of Trump not actively soliciting night-rider support, but somehow managing to attract a great deal of it anyway, for some mysterious reason or other.  Strange how that keeps happening.  If I were a Trump supporter, I'd start wondering about that.

Of course, if I were a Trump supporter, I would really, REALLY hope that appalling incompetence is the explanation for this latest PR fiasco, and then I would do something Trumpers haven't done in the past eleven months: Stop, think, and consider whether the country can withstand another four years of narcissistic incompetence after the eight years of narcissistic malevolence it's already endured.

Oops, my bad, it slipped my advanced-middle-aged mind for a moment that the GOP primary campaign is over.  Too late.

Here's the punchline you've all been waiting for:

NEW: White Nationalist William Johnson remains on Trump's delegate list. Statement from CA Secretary of State Spox:

Kind of a bigger deal than a nose zit on prom night, dontcha think?

If you don't like that punchline, try this one on for size:

Donald Trump is already going after Hillary Clinton for her vote to authorize the Iraq War in 2002....

As did Barack Obama in 2008, remember.

....but in an interview in 2006, he said she should be forgiven because her vote was based on misinformation.

The comments came in an interview with Maureen Dowd of the New York Times titled “Trump Fired Up,” in which Trump also said the then-New York senator might be the next president.

Wrote Dowd:

He thinks John McCain has lost the 2008 election by pushing to send more troops to Iraq but that Hillary should be forgiven for her “horrendous” vote to authorize the war. “Don’t forget that decision was based on lies given to her,” he says. [emphasis added]

Which is itself a blatant, leftwingnut lie, remember.

“She’s very smart and has a major chance to be our next president.” [emphasis added]

So in 2006, (belatedly) rabid Code Pinker Donald Trump urged that Hillary Clinton be "forgiven" for voting the right way on the liberation of Iraq, not because he was moving rightward, but because he was such an enthusiastic supporter of hers that he didn't want that "mistake" to hamper her return to the White House.

Here's punchline #3 from 2008: Trump had praise for Hillary Clinton in a 2008 post:

Hillary Clinton: Hillary is smart, tough, and a very nice person. Bill Clinton was a great president. They are fine people. Hillary was roughed up by the media and it was a tough campaign for her, but she's a trouper. Her history is far from being over.

#4 came in early 2012, before the Benghazi attack but well after the disastrous Libya intervention (on the Global Jihad's behalf) that she championed and (stupidly) still does:

Not quite an endorsement, but when Greta Van Sustren asks him directly, his beady little eyes churn and you can hear his scheming mental gears thinking "I better not go there, I might want to run in 2016", as he's contemplated doing for decades.  Still, all four of the above kinda create a problem for him now, since one thing we know for certain is that neither Trump nor Hillary have changed over that period of time.  If I were a Hillary supporter, this is the advertising tack I'd urge her to take, and downgrade the "Trump is worse to women than my husband has ever been" stuff, which amounts to her foolishness validating his foolishness.

For any who aren't quite satisfied with those punchlines, this one will bring the house down:

Ann Coulter is unabashed in her support of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, and now she will be writing a book to urge others to join the Trump train.

Sentinel, a conservative imprint of Penguin Random House, announced Monday that Coulter's In Trump We Trust: The New American Revolution will be published August 23rd. [emphasis added]

So Donald Trump is Ann Coulter's God.  And I'm sure she's not alone in that idolatrous sentiment.  Anybody want to take a stab at trying to claim that Trumpmania isn't a pagan cult now?

I guess the woman in this photograph was an impostor, then....

Ronnie wept.


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Do you have any video of that? I'd care to find out more details.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

The author of this article no longer writes for Political Pistachio. His Never Trump articles that relied more on attacking the individual rather than relying on reliable and factual evidence was a part of the reason he was asked to no longer write for this website.