Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trump's Nuclear Trade War Would Cost The Average Trumplican Household $6,000 Annually

by JASmius

Six grand a year.  Five hundred bucks a month.  $115.38 a week.  $16.42 a day.  Sixty-eight cents an hour.  Okay, I finally broke down the increment fine enough where it doesn't sound like getting "raped".  Happy, Trumpoids?:

The economists looked at two scenarios to arrive at their calculations. First, based on statements Trump has made in the campaign, they modeled the effect of a 45% tariff on imports from [Red] China and Japan and a 35% tariff on imports from Mexico. That would cost the average American household more than $2,200 annually with those households in the lowest income brackets feeling the greatest pinch

However, tariffs on just three countries likely would be ineffective in protecting American workers from foreign competition because importers could simply turn to other suppliers, the economists said. So the team examined a second scenario in which a Trump-proposed tariff of 45% is applied to imports from all countries.

“Then the results would be truly catastrophic for the poor,” the report said. “It would be as if the United States imposed a new tax of 53% on the lowest 10% income decile and a 20% tax on the next lowest decile. It would be the equivalent to an 11% flat tax on the after-tax income of U.S. workers.” [emphases added]

Aaaaaaand that doesn't even count all the thousands or millions of jobs that would be destroyed in export industries from the inevitable retaliatory duties inflicted upon U.S. products by our (former?) trading partners, the dramatic decline in global trade overall, the crashing global economy, etc.

In short, the inevitable logic of protectionism: Everybody gets poorer, because you can't stick it to "them" without sticking it to yourself.

The punchline?  A Trump nuclear trade war would INCREASE the trade deficit by at least $67 billion.

Let me revise that "thousand or millions of jobs that would be destroyed" line above - it would definitely be millions:

Unfortunately, the United States would fall into [an even deeper depr]ession, too. Up to four million American workers would lose their jobs. Another three million jobs would not be created that otherwise would have been, had the country not fallen into a trade-induced downturn....

The Moody’s analysis projects the U.S. economy would be 4.6% smaller by the end of 2019 if America levies tariffs on [Red] China and Mexico and those countries respond, compared to where it would be with no tariffs. It forecasts U.S. employment would be seven million jobs lower than it would have been, and that the unemployment rate would hit 9.5% (i.e. double that in reality) in the middle of 2019. The federal budget deficit would grow to be 60% larger than it would have been. [emphases added]

You'll be paying, according to Moodys, an average of 30.5% more for what you're buying now out of your welfare benefits, but it'll all be worth it, because "nationalism" demands no less.  And besides, Trumplicans would just blame it all on "them" and demand even higher tariffs and, who knows, maybe a shooting war to get the "jobs" they were promised by President Little Fingers.  And he'd probably give it to 'em, too.

Meanwhile, I'm choosing to assume that Trump doesn't have David Duke on his veep shortlist, because Duke is sure as shinola lobbying hard for the job:

 It'd be Trump's best LIFE INSURANCE.The Zio NeoCon Mossad boys would not dare touch him if I was heartbeat from Presidency.

Um, okay, I guess.  But given that Trump is neutral between Israel and the Palestinians, is a Code Pinker on Iraq, and a 9/11 Truther, just exactly why wouldn't the "Zio NeoCon Mossad boys" not come after him?  Isn't that why Duke wants to ride shotgun on Trump's ticket?  Because he thinks that he and The Donald are on the same page?  And isn't it incumbent upon the presumptive nominee to clarify that they're not, if in fact they're not?  Or has that general perception now been "priced into his stock" electorally, as it were?

And, proving redundantly that it is not possible to be closely associated with the New York liberal conman without being indellibly and irredeemably corrupted by him, one of his former butlers, Anthony Senecal, has used his Facebook page of late to make several....provocative statements:

To all my friends on FB, just a short note to you on our pus headed "president" !!!! This character who I refer to as zero (0) should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term !!!!! [emphasis added]

So....a military coup de tat?  Just like in the banana republics?  Hell, even Brazil isn't doing that.  And then there's the matter of calling for the assassination of a sitting POTUS, which has attracted the attention of the Secret Service, as I would think we could all agree it should, assuming that not too many of them are hung over at the moment.

Instead he still remains in office doing every thing he can to gut the America we all know and love !!!!! Now comes Donald J Trump to put an end to the corruption in government !!!!

The so called elite, who are nothing but common dog turds from your front lawn are shaking in their boots because there is a new Sheriff coming to town, and the end to their corruption of the American people (YOU) is at hand !!!!

I cannot believe that a common murder is even allowed to run (killery clinton) OR that a commie like bernie is a also allowed to also run !!!!

Now, now, Mrs. Clinton didn't murder J. Christopher Stephens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Dougherty, and Sean Smith; she merely refused to prevent it.  I think you'd have an awfully difficult time making the case that that passive inaction makes her an accessory to the Benghazi attack, and in the absence of such a case having been successfully mounted and prosecuted, there were no legal grounds upon which to deny her her candidacy.  Still less Weekend Bernie, whose only crimes are sartorial and related to personal grooming.

Come on America put your big boy pants on---this election you have a choice---GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE !!!! Thank you !!!!

Actually, when I lost that fifty pounds five years ago, I happily discarded my "big boy pants," thank you very much.  And no, for any true constitutionalist and conservative, there isn't a major party choice.  What I have difficulty believing is that in that blizzard of exclamation points, he neglected to mention for which candidate he was urging his Facebook friends to vote.  I wouldn't think a true Trumplican would leave anything to chance.  It's almost an omissionary act of sacrilege.

Senecal's gallows targets aren't limited to The One, but include First Lady Scheherezade and pretty much everybody in his Regime.  Which, aside from threatening the First Family being kinda illegal, has additional unhelpful connotations....

Somewhere beneath all of that overheated, crypto-racist, borderline criminal, rhetorical foolishness - and the blizzard of exclamation points - there are a couple of kernels of actual truth: Barack Obama has "fundamentally transformed" the United States of America, that does suck, and Hillary Clinton did follow O's orders and let four Americans needlessly perish at enemy hands and then covered it up because it would have conflicted with his 2012 reelection Narrative ("bin Laden is dead and GM's alive!").  There should have been political accountability for it, but there never was, because the coverup was successful.  And now it's too late.  Simple as that.

All of that is frustrating, to be sure.  But perpetual, raging, "I WANT!!!!!" anger accomplishes nothing, and usually succeeds only in self-discrediting with Facebook posts and other social media screeds like Senecal's.  To say nothing of making it easy-peasy lemon-squeezy to get swindled into supporting an authoritarian demagogue like Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign tried to disavow his ex-butler and distance itself from his pixelated antics....

Trump spox re: butler: "He does not work at mar-a-Lago and hasn't in many years. We totally disavow and condemn these horrible statements."

....but just a couple of months ago Alfred Pennyworth's evil twin was an embraced member of the Trump "family":

Either Trump’s spox is lying, or NYT lied about butler on March 16, 2016: 

As I said: Trump is the "patient zero" of assholery.  Metaphorically speaking, anybody who climbs in the sack with him is going to "get the clap".  You will forgive us #NoneOfTheAbove-ers for prefering to abstain.

Because you're not being given a choice.

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